Greetings, sports fans, and welcome back to yet another thrilling episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. You can beat our sports but you cannot beat our prices. As always this is brought to you completely free of charge courtesy of your friends at Vegas Valley news. com who urge you to never drink and drive because alcohol will ruin your vehicles interior if you hit a bump, spill your drink and hit someone else. Let’s not meet by accident.

It was an absolutely stunning day here in the Vegas Valley region and there were many great contests of skill on the Gridiron this sunny Sunday too. But the most stunning upset of the week goes to the Dallas Cowboys hands down.
Tied going into overtime the New England Patriots failed to sustain their first drive and Dak Prescott delivered a walk-off touchdown pass that ended the game. That was beautiful, gentlemen. Well played.
Turning our attention now to the subject at hand, last night;s electrifying concert featuring the incomparable, Billy Idol. Last night Billy and the boys rocked The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas to the thunderous approval of a standing-room-only crowd. I know because I was in a prime spot in The Standing Room section myself. The show was quite refreshing and a great experience overall.  coming as it is on the heels of the travesty involved in my going to see Guns and Roses at Allegiant Stadium 2 + months ago.
This was my first visit to The Cosmopolitan since it opened and it is quite elegant if not confusing because it is big but it is easily accessible for all persons whether they are handicapped or fully capable. It was very clean and everyone I ran into and observed were cheerful and courteous to strangers respectful of others which is how we are anyway is it not? But no sermons today from me. My fondest belief is that music transcends everything man can say.
The median age last night was right around my age of 58 and some folks were even older, but there were an equal number of younger people who really enjoyed the show as much as anyone did. Compared to my recent experience at Allegiant Stadium it was a joy to behold. The crowd was much smaller at the Chelsea, but there was not a bad seat in the house that I could see, and the sound quality at the Chelsea Theater was far superior. The energy in the room was the same and that’s the best part of it no matter what else is ever said or done. It was fully positive and such a good thing to be a part of and contribute to that energy.
If you missed last night’s concert at the Chelsea Theater stress less amigos, Billy Idol will be back for several more dates and whether you went last night or not it is well worth the price of admission. If you’re wise however, purchase your tickets from the Chelsea’s own boxoffice because I had problems retreiving my tickets from Ticketmaster and so did several other people that came to their boxoffice while I was sstanding there being treated like an interloper, again.


Trust your ticket purchases to Ticketmaster’s phone app unless you’re a big fan of humiliation that is. It doesn’t even have a place in your account to find your tickets. That is poor programming at its best, or obsolesence by design. One or the other. Buy your tickets, from a friend, from a scalper on craigslist, or at the boxoffice where I saw plenty of people with extra tickets, they’re always around God bless them. I hate to complain because I paid for that crappy service which to me means I should not have to complain and that irks the nerves.
Especially when I had 10x less trouble walking up to Indian Stadium one night without a ticket and right on into an  ALCS game vs the Yankees. I drove from Kent, Ohio to get there and I drive an equal distance to get to Las Vegas. I don’t want to have to stand in a casino or heater lobby dicking around trying to find my ticket in my account and yet both of the last 2 times that’s exacty what I went through. The fact that the app ket locking me out and making me recertify who I was and so forth is garbage. I don’t pay for garbage I throw it in the trash where it belongs and pay someone to take it to the dump if I don’t take it there myself. If I wanted half-baked service I can do that myself too.
I do wish to thank the friendly and mostly helpful staff at the Cosmoppolitan for a great experience, especially one very helpful lady in customer service, named Yolanda. Keep a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and never stop reaching for the stars. The world belongs to those who believe in the beauty of themselves and their dreams.