Will Guns-N-Roses Become The #1 Mega-Spreader Band In America?

Potentially it very easily could, given the large number of people that were running around barely masked or not masked at all. A lot of the people there last night got touched by a lot of hands that exchanged a lot of bacteria and put that bacteria up to their faces. And their eyes, and mouths. They touch it to their masks and breathe it in. The virus is many times smaller than the weave of the mask. It goes out just as easily.

If Dr. Fauci and the CDC are to be believed then it will not only become a mega-spreader, it will undoubtedly get blown way out of proportion, and as always, in the wrong direction. It need not do so. If you were at the concert, or even if you weren’t there if you start showing symptoms of the flu this is all you have to do to cure it. You can take it in conjunction with any other shot or prescribed medication. Do not take in any sugars prior to taking this curative or it won’t be as effective, if at all. It depends upon the absence of sugar to work its best.

Mix one packet of artificially-sweetened drink mix into a 12 oz bottle of cold water and shake well to mix powder and water. Next, add a single tiny drop of Dawn dish soap or any unperfumed liquid soap. It should still work but use Dawn if possible because that’s what I used. shake the water and soap a few times gently and drink it all up.

The artificial sweetener fools your Pancreas into producing Insulin in your body that wants to trap the sugar it expects to find. Instead, it finds the Saponin molecules, so it grabs them instead, and stores it all as body fat. This is where the Coronavirus and all viruses go to replicate. The Saponin kills the virus on contact 100%. Drink 2 bottles a day for 2-3 days and taper off to 1 then done after you’re better. Be sure to replace the probiotics in your GI tract though because it will likely kill them too. It kills all bacteria. Who knows but it might even attack and kill the AIDS virus where it lives. Hot water will NOT work.


Greetings sports fans and music lovers everywhere, and welcome to Vegas Valley Sports Beat that chewy little granola bar of a sports column that stays crunchy in milk or your money back.* Where to begin? I can’t speak for today yet, but yesterday was quite a learning experience. All told it was a good day, but I have to tell the truth because it’s my job, and it’s my duty, but I do it by choice because I can’t remember a lie to save my life. I always remember the truth.

Quick background on me I’ve helped build four stadiums including the first ice hockey arena in Tampa/St. Pete in the ’80s, I was 1 of the first 2 Journeymen Ironworkers hired to roof the Former Florida Suncoast Dome. I helped directly to assemble and hang most of the first half of the 52-ton clear span trusses on a stadium in downtown Richmond for one of the Virginia Universities. And I worked on the roof of the Las Vegas Sports Complex twice before it opened in the ’90s.

I’ve never been in any of those complexes since they opened. I am currently certified and employed as an Independent Building Professional, Structural Steel – Special Inspector, and Building Inspector. Honestly, what Ironworker doesn’t love a huge erection? All the Sisters in the Brotherhood sing Hallelujah?

I know I’ll never forget my first erection. It was freaking unreal how big it was! A 250,000 square foot Butler building. Complete with pop-riveted wall sheets. Guess who had to rivet all of them? I, the FNG had to do it. UGH! I for one am not the least bit ashamed to say that I helped a great many business people achieve an erection in my day, and I got paid pretty well for it too.

But I digress.

I loved walking through the renovated Cashman field for the first time just before the Las Vegas Lights took he field for their Inaugural home opener against Toronto or whoever it was. The Lights lost. They more or less got pasted. Okay, that’s almost a lie, they got a proper welcome to the big leagues by a bigger league. They got smeared. But who cares? A great time was had by all. I was under the impression that was what it’s all about. Good wholesome family entertainment in a safe clean venue.

I looked the facility over top to bottom, not taking notes, but with an eye toward drawing a clear picture of what your experience is apt to be like if you attend a game there. I don’t even have to read the article I have it all in my memory. I took it all in because that’s my job. I do that job to further the goals of Las Vegans by informing our readers in a positive way of the good things our beautiful city has to offer visitors and residents. I’ve said it once already, and I mean it. My integrity may be all I have left besides the First Amendment but they’re all mine. I will never let them go from me so don’t even tread on them.

This is about your lifeblood after all. Yours, not mine, all yours. I’ve got mine because I went out and got it myself. It’s my job to go there and review the show while I’m there because I asked for it. I applied for it as an apprentice writer, and I won the staff position by applying myself and what I had learned about the craft on my own. I did it because Las Vegas is so damn cool. If I do get paid for doing a story in Las Vegas I get $15 for gas. It’s 150 miles minimum for me to drive there and back so I’m not in this for fortune and fame. I have 2 better jobs that actually do pay me money to do this thing I do, but last night cost me a lot of money, and it sucked big time. If I had paid $100 to park there and get abused I would really be pissed off right now.

Allegiant Stadium In Review.

I drove to Allegiant Stadium, no problem. The event staff had everything laid out so it was easy to get to the stadium. I was a bit confused about the parking and I took a couple of wrong turns before a very helpful staff member gave me directions and sent me back on my way around the stadium once more. After three more turns, I found myself about a mile away at another parking lot entrance on the other side where another very helpful gentleman informed me I had to go further down the block and pay $100 to park there I said it looks like I’m going to miss the concert and I left.

Happily, I found a parking space that wasn’t too far away so I hoofed it to the gate, no problem. I got there before 5:00 just as the gates were about to open. There weren’t a lot of people there yet. A lot more showed up but it never felt overcrowded. It was not a sold-out show but it was close I’m sure. I had no problem checking in and getting one of the two tickets I had validated, and I was in. The guy at the gate told me they had a press gate because I was wearing my credentials for Vegas Valley News and I told him I preferred to watch from the stands anyway. This becomes relevant shortly.

When it comes to erections, first impressions are everything and Allegiant Stadium is quite impressive no matter how you look at it, or how often. The inside is equally impressive. The facility is well planned and easy to get around in if you’re handicapped. It was very clean, there are plenty of restrooms, all of which are well-kept, modern, well-lit, and clean. Nobody has to go far to get food and drink, although the menu is limited and the prices are steep. Security is aces, but I admit to having a moment of what if when I was out on the front porch at the north entrance looking up at the top floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The same hotel where a lone shooter kicked out a window and opened fire on a crowd of concert-goers on October 1, 2017, killing 58 innocent people and wounding hundreds more before taking his own life. Maybe it’s the area that attracts cowards like him and my new friend at Allegiant Stadium.

At ground level, everything was copesthetic though, and Las Vegas Metro PD had a solid visible presence that clearly said, nope, not today. Everything was going great. Everything and everybody was cool. I’d already located the section my seat was in and then I walked down to the other end of the top row to see what was there and take a leak. That was the end of the walk-through.

Strike One.

The show was about to start so I went back to my section and was trying to get my ticket to come up on my phone when a Metro officer came over and started asking me questions. So I got distracted by that and the next thing I know a black man purportedly working for Allegiant Stadium, walks up behind me and I hear someone ask him if I’m the one? Obviously, I was because the guy starts harassing me about my press credentials and demanding to see my ticket like I snuck in past all of their security. He told me No no no we don’t have any press here tonight and said I was not allowed to wear my press I.D. That’s funny because my pictures show as I saw for myself that there were people in the press booth at that very moment.

I was in the nosebleed section where there was barely any cell service so I couldn’t get my tickets to come up, on Ticketmaster’s website. The person of color who overlooked hundreds of other people that were standing around, not in their seats, chose me out of the crowd of tens of thousands to harass while I was trying to find my seat while I was right there at my section looking for my seat assignment like I’m supposed to. This wasn’t even my 70th rodeo. It wasn’t even my 15th rodeo in Las Vegas.

To Quote Roger Daltry of The Who, “…Who The F**k Are You?”

I’ve attended more big-name concerts than Guns and freaking Roses here and I’ve never been ejected or had to sneak in. I paid my way in. To whit. Heart, U2, Rage Against The Machine, KISS, AC/DC, The Who, I met Kevin Dubro here after seeing Quiet Riot the week before. I met Jefferson Starship and kicked it with the guitar player. I’ve met FOGHAT here, I met Cheech and Chong after a WAR concert at the Hard Rock. I was handed a guitar pick by Pat Travers, and I stood right in front of Rick Nielsen and his 6 neck guitar in front of that same stage Pat was on, at another time at Bottles Night Club. I told him to f*ing turn it up. Ask him if I didn’t. I saw Ted Nugent at the Hard Rock and he played Great White Buffalo for me as an encore because I was standing on my seat shouting play Great White Buffalo over and over really loud 8 rows away. I’ve seen Gary Lewis and The Playboys on Fremont Street for free and had a better time than I did at the hands of Allegiant Stadium. I saw BTO and Joan Jett at Junefest.  Didn’t feel any need to sneak in there either.

I saw ELO at Texas Station up close and personal in the sandbox. Who the hell do they think they are compared to any of those bands? I’ve seen Merle Haggard at the Golden Nugget, didn’t sneak in. I saw Cher with Cindy Lauper at the MGM Grand. I was working there at the MGM the night the WHO came to play Quadrophenia with drummer Zack Starkey. I not only paid for my ticket but I was also sent home from work after I faked being ill to a troupe of actors I worked with. I did not sneak in though I was working there, I actually snuck out to attend the concert.

I met Edgar Winter at Arizona Charlies after the concert there. I saw RUSH at the Grand Gardens too. That time I did sneak down to the front rows, but I paid admission to get in. The last rock concert I saw there was Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne, September 2nd, 2013. I’m no fucking sneak thief as this employee of Allegiant Stadium as much as said outright.

I do have the audio recording to back it up, but for security reasons, WordPress does not allow the file to be posted here or it would be. Believe that.

Then the guy had the nerve to parade me over in front of the windows on the promenade with him and the cops around me like I did something wrong. Yeah, I’m so crafty I paid for 2 tickets and snuck right past his nose using a press pass, am I? That’s one hell of an admission of failure on his part where I went to Inspector school. I had to do that because he told me to use Allegiant Stadium’s wifi but their wifi was not showing up on my list of available providers on my phone.

Strike Two.

Maybe he was looking for the white rage they taught him to be on the lookout for in Critical Race Theory at Coca~Cola in a previous life. Or maybe it was because one of my press trophies is a press pass from a Trump rally that’s signed by Eric Trump, and his liberal feelings of truth, justice, and the American way would not let him sleep unless he harassed me first. I’m a registered Democrat.

Show Me Why I Was Singled Out.

Every other patron in that facility was allowed to freely express themselves except me, and I want to know why? I didn’t sign anything that relinquished my civil rights to him or to Allegiant Stadium, and nobody gave them that authority that had the ability to do so. When I told him to show me that in writing is when it devolved into show me your ticket or we’re going to throw you out. Show me where it said the press was not allowed to attend the concert or face serious civil litigation. Show me where it said no member of the press was allowed to identify themselves as such on my tickets.

Now I’m dependent upon Ticketmaster’s stinking app that hides your tickets God only knows where to keep from getting thrown out of the concert that’s now started causing me to miss the musical debut of Mammoth featuring Eddie Van Halen’s son.

Tell me all my movements were not videotaped. I don’t GAF if you watch me on camera all day. I have nothing to hide from anyone. All I was doing was exercising my rights the same as most of the people in the building. I paid my way in. Unlike John Sampson who was in the capital rotunda on January 6th I’m a Journalist, but I’m a for-real Journalist.  I’m glad I looked it over because I doubt I’ll ever go back there for any reason that I can think of.

But that dude making the cops find and detain me so he could harass me and violate my rights because I’m a white-colored member of the press smacks of Lori lightfoot’s example to the world set only a few weeks ago. Members of the white press are not allowed she said. Who let her out of the Arkham asylum? If that’s what an adult in a position of authority does with evil, then what about the children watching them? What else can you call that which is so sick and wrong besides evil? Antifa? BLM?

I’m not even white. By the grace of God, my Spanish skin is white, and if you don’t like it take it up with God. That’s real Castillian leather on that ugly face and I’m damned proud of it too. That’s why my father whose name I carry on, called me El Diablo when I was born with white hair and hazel eyes. I still have both traits but I’m no friend of evil.

I  read the book, Black Like Me twice before I was in junior high school. I had to read it again because I had to see it again with fresh eyes. I could not believe people could be so inhuman, and I still reel inwardly from the hatred he faced to this day. It literally revolts me to my soul’s core to see that behavior displayed by any human being, but to see it coming from a black man is ten times worse when viewed in that light.

Strip that black off your skin mister BLM and see how much you like what you call ‘white privilege.’ If it does exist it obviously has no love for my white behind. In fact, I don’t even know any white people that it does love. WTF is wrong with your ideology that it doesn’t act like you claim it does? Where the hell is my big house, fine car, stacks of cash, and hot woman? They must have gotten stuck somewhere in your pipe dream, dude.

I Hate To Preach, But…

But guess what? It’s my soapbox. I know what I saw, and what I heard, and I know I was racially profiled by that creep. The police officers were 100% pros about it but this evil character had them looking at me under his personal color of suspicion. In plain English the word is prejudice. He used the police to hunt me down and single me out. Why? What was I doing that 1000 other people weren’t doing at the same time? Nothing that’s what. Nothing but doing my job.

He picked the wrong Mexican to mess with like that because, unlike Axl Rose, I do have a voice in my old age. Reverse discrimination has got to be the foulest invention of the human mind ever. If not it’ll do in the interim. Is racism what the Raiders and the NFL will actually stand up for, and salute? At least I can honestly say that I would never have done such a thing to him. But I guess that’s just me. I’m cool with that, but not with him I’m not.

Remember Tele-Tokens?

I sure do. So let us hearken back now to the thrilling days of yesteryear when some people were upset because some other people never let them play on TV with any of their people. Whenever they did allow them to play together on TV the people who were left out were called tokens by most all people thanks largely to the media of the day spreading that filth and hatred around. Just like they are today, only now the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. He tried to make a token out of me. He thought he was going to make an example of me in front of God and everyone, or so it seems to me anyway, and it blew up in his racist face.

I didn’t violate any of the posted rules of conduct of the stadium. Or of any jurisdiction that I’m aware of. I even threw my Buck Iceman pocket knife in the weeds along the way because I forgot to leave it in the car. Luckily it was still there afterward. I lost a good one at an AC/DC concert at the entrance to the Tom & Mac Arena. It was worth the loss too. I would have mourned the loss of this one.

I’ve only attended over 70 live concerts and sporting events. In my experience, the Marshals always ask you for your ticket at your seat or at the aisle entrance. I was trying to find my seat number when the officer accosted me so his nibs could throw his weight around. It was an honor to meet the Metro officers. They did an exemplary job all around and they looked sharp doing it too. but that guy was a disgrace to what the Constitution says is good and just for all men not just for whoever tickles one’s fancy.

Either he was racially profiling me deliberately, or he was suggesting that I could have gotten to the upper deck by sneaking in under the noses of all those officers when I walked in the front door with everyone else in the sight of them and God. First of all, I would have to say, bullshit. Then I’d have to say if he believes the security is that lax it’s a good thing I’m just a law-abiding citizen and not some terrorist that snuck across the southern border isn’t it?

I wonder how many TikTok ‘journalists’ are posting pictures from the same venue even now?  I saw many thousands of camera phones recording images, mine included. But you are not going to see any of mine. I used a 41mp camera x4 zoom that shoots he colors of the direct sun’s rays or by moonlight without help. It records 1080HP video and has killer audio too. I recorded some of that insane conversation when it first headed north on an audio app and I advised all present of that prior to recording. I’m done with he said, she said, they said, I said. I’m recording it just so you and the Judge are aware should it come to that. If all he wanted was to have a pissing contest in public, he lost.


I went to the concert fully expecting to see a powerful show. But, even if somebody hadn’t already shit in my Rice Crispies it wasn’t going to happen that night.  Those two tickets that I went to great lengths to buy with the sweat off of my own brow. By writing, reviewing, and Journalism. (Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?) I do Judge a few things like livestock, land, movies, and music. I take that duty as it should be. Soberly, fairly, equally, and impartially.

To put it bluntly, Guns And Roses sounded horrible where I was and I know there’s no reason for that at all. It was not just the sound but the fact that Axl Rose has obviously lost his screechy voice to old age and self-abuse of whatever kind. No judgment there, brother Rose. None. I can relate because it does happen naturally. I can’t reach the high registers anymore either.

The issue I have is that I didn’t pay that much money and invest that much time to see you doing the worst lip-synching since Milly Vanilly got busted. To quote Joe Biden. “Come on man.” The Witchita Lineman by Glen Campbel (I’ve seen him too) was the only song I heard Axl Rose sing and he sounded really good. At least put in some effort to hide it, or play around with your new vocal range.

If you can’t do it I don’t see any dishonor in electronically restoring the effects that made your unique sound if a guitar can do it why not? Music needs no excuses, makes no excuses. Even if I knew I was going to watch G&R like that I would still go. To half-ass phone it in like that was brutal to watch and even worse to listen to because of all the distortion.

It was great to see Slash perform live, and the music on its own was kick-ass. But Axl Rose doing lip-sync and failing miserably is uncouth. In my honest opinion, it’s beneath his dignity. Or is it? I’m really glad I left my Guns and Roses leather tour jacket in the car I would have been accused of sneaking in as a band member of the press.

I have video footage from one song he sang that proves it. Call me a liar, Axl, and I’ll publish it the same minute. You didn’t get over whatever was ailing your voice, you’re faking it, and your pathetic attempt at lip-synching isn’t cutting it.

Even if I’d never been kidnapped by the Allegiant employee first, you sucked dude, and I for one am too ashamed for you to deny it. I’m no big fan of G&R per se, but nobody can say they’re not top-shelf. Or were anyway. It pains me greatly to have to be the one who says it, brother Rose, but that was truly pathetic and embarrassingly unworthy of your adoring fans.

This concert has the dubious distinction of being the first one that I did not buy a tour shirt for because I don’t care to admit I was there to watch a legend go down in flames, and take the band down with him just to stroke his old ego one more time.

Seriously, Axl, if you’re going to go to all that trouble then for God’s sake at least put some freaking effort into it. Do sound checks. The fans in the nosebleed seats paid to get in too, believe it or not. U2 spent a week doing sound checks at Sam Boyd Stadium prior to kicking off their Pop-Mart world tour. What’s your excuse?

This is the electronic age, Bro. Use it. I would definitely pay to see G&R doing G&R karaoke even if I knew it was a sing-along. I wouldn’t catch a replay of the other night if they offered to honor my unused ticket. That was garbage. Which gives Garbage a bad name.

To exacerbate the issue further, I missed the opening of Eddie Van Halen’s son’s band, Mammoth, and they are good. They do deserve to be supported, heard, and reviewed by the press. But, for some inexplicable reason, they forgot to mention that the press was not welcome to attend the event when they sold me the tickets. That is a very easily prosecuted civil lawsuit for me as there is a precedence and the court held for the aggrieved party in that case.

I wonder if, Wolfgang Van Halen or the members of Mammoth knew about that stipulation. You can debut to the world opening for Guns-N-Roses, but no news agency will be there to cover it. WTF? You can hear their music start to play on the audiotape. That was after they pulled me away from my seat to harass me in a more public setting. That is some really foul crap and that’s on them, not me.

Consider this my notice of intent to sue Allegiant Stadium in the US District Court for violating my First Amendment rights at random, without just cause, and without fair warning. Racism is the last thing Las Vegas should ever be known for being as it is a global family vacation destination.

In this video shot on August 3, 2021, in Boston, you can see Axl Rose when he pulls the mic away from his mouth and the sound is still picked up just the same? Bullshit. The Doppler effect doesn’t work that way, bro. I have a video from the other night that shows the mic 3 feet from his mouth, and the sound of his voice’s still going into it? Bullshit. Not in his universe. Now I see he even wore the same lame pants and hat too. What a poser. Seriously bro, get your act together and buy some clothes. That was indecent exposure, going onstage like that trying to pull a fast one on your fans. Have some pride.

I honestly hope that I am wrong about this becoming a Mega-Spreader event to end all, but you have to go by the science, or so we’re told, and the ‘science’ dictates that it will do just that. Either that or Dr. Fauci has been lying to the entire world this whole time.

  Imagine that.

This fiasco was the first rock concert ever held at Allegiant Stadium, and if God loves His children at all it’ll be the last concert held at Allegiant Stadium.