Greetings sports fans and welcome once again to another thrilling edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat the tiny column with a big heart. Keeping the best interests of Las Vegas number one since 2018. Speaking of which let us now turn our attention once again upon the tiny town of crystal, Nevada the home of Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch.

Dennis doesn’t live here anymore. Not since early Tuesday morning when pornography film actor and former screen actor Ron Jeremy and an as yet unidentified woman who discovered Hof’s lifeless body in his bed. I suspect the woman was probably none other than Heidi Fleiss but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Not at the moment anyway.

According to Hof’s manager, the autopsy of Dennis Hof is slated for Wednesday. Perhaps if there’s evidence of foul play you can give her the hairy eyeball and interrogate her then because I hear she loves parrots almost as much as I do.

As many may already know and some may not, Dennis Hof was at the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino Monday night to celebrate his 72nd birthday with a few hundred of his closest friends and to stump for the Republican party and his bid for the Nevada Assembly’s 36th district seat.

The next thing anyone knew Hof was gone. Many people are still in shock and cannot believe it. Especially those who were at the party like myself and saw Hof who appeared to be nearly if not then the picture of health you might expect a jet-setting party animal like Dennis to look like at the ripe old age of 72.

Monday night the Director of Desert Have animal rescue in Pahrump presented Dennis with a present from the shelter for all of the money and time that the had generously donated to the shelter because Hof had a deep and genuine love for animals especially for dogs, and that then is where Milo comes into the picture and things get a little bit muddled but trust it all works out for the best in the end.

Milo was the Poodle mix that Desert Have picked out for a companion dog for Hof and Hof was thrilled when he saw the handsome little gray colored pooch for the first time.

Dennis promised everyone in attendance that he would be at the shelter when they opened the following day and he was going to pay the entire adoption bill for the first 10 people who showed up to adopt either a dog or a cat puppy or kitten he was going to pay for it out of his own pocket.

He never made it to that appointment and it had to be assumed, at least in my own mind anyhow, that the promise he had made just hours before he died was not going to come to fruition after all.

I was in the neighborhood anyway yesterday afternoon and so I stopped into Desert Haven and I spoke with Ron and some of the volunteers who help keep Desert Haven a safe haven for lost or unwanted, the animals happy, and the doors open.

I questioned Ron about the promise Hof had made because Ron was there as well when he made the promise to everyone in the room. One of the volunteer ladies informed me that one person had come in Tuesday morning to make good on the promise before the word went out that Hof was gone and that person had indeed adopted a dog and Dennis Hoff paid the fees.

Ron added the knowledge that, in light of the dilemma which that left them facing, he decided to waive all adoption fees Tuesday and all who came to adopt went away very happy I am certain of it.

But what about Milo, you ask? The poor little Poodle mix who was adopted and

I’m glad you asked.

According to Director Ron, some unidentified friends of Hof’s adopted the newly adopted/orphaned puppy and took him into their hearts the same way Hof did just hours before. That was also probably Ron and Heidi. Bless their hearts whoever they were.

Many thanks to everyone at Desert Haven as well for keeping Hof’s promise in his place even though they did not have to. That is integrity and heart.

“A promise made is a debt unpaid.” – Robert W. Service, The Cremation Of Sam McGee.