Greetings sports fans and welcome once more to Vegas Valley Sports Beat that refreshing little sports column that still gives double Green Stamps on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Except for this Saturday, which is today, January 16th, 2021. Today is 100x Green Stamps for Mr. Charles Barkley’s select sect of professional athletes whom Mr. Barkley stated he believes should be given vaccinations for COVID-19 ahead of everybody else like doctors, and other first-responders because they pay more in taxes than everybody else does. WTF?!

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the urge to barf up their Converse Hi-Top basketball sneakers? I know I do and I know taking a thousand showers won’t make me feel clean again after having to be subjected to such foul hatred of one’s fellow human beings. What a magnificent way for a man that I admired for so many decades to torpedo his own career in front of God and everybody.

As one sports figure, and news commentator said after hearing that statement on Gutfeld, and I paraphrase, it would almost be forgivable if Barkley were a boxer that had gone one too many rounds, and had taken one too many blows to the head, but such is not the case is it? Nope. Charles Barkley is just a gigantic horse’s ass and there’s no nicer way to say it. Even if there is, so what? He’s still a gigantic horse’s ass.

There’s simply no excuse for letting some foul crap like that fall out of your big fat overgrown cookie flap in public unless you’re just criminally ignorant. There’s a very good reason that the criminally ignorant are locked up in their local insane asylums. It’s for their own protection because they have no common decency or sense.

But I digress.

My mother was 76 years old when she passed away on New Year’s Eve from COVID-19 and double pneumonia in Las Vegas. She died all alone with nobody there. My mother who raised three boys all alone was a force of nature when she was riled, and generous to a fault even to people she didn’t always like. She worked her ass off for 3M, she worked in a shop as a union boilermaker, and she worked on a County road patching crew in Florida before she became disabled on the job.

She gave a lot to people in need that few of her family and friends knew about and she was always willing to give a friend a ride home or buy them a meal. In some cases a coat for a friend who had none, or a bicycle or scoters that she bought for children on the angel tree. My mother’s immune system was destroyed by the grace of an incompetent doctor in Las Vegas who put her on an overdose regimen of Prednisone until she reached steroid toxicity and almost died from it and from having to be weaned off of it. For 7 years she suffered from constant sickness and pain because of it.

So when she got sick just after her birthday on December 15th it was a death sentence for her because her body had no way to fight off the infection in her lungs or to fight the virus either. The doctors at the hospital told her upon admission that they didn’t have enough oxygen to keep her alive and they didn’t.

She was eligible for a dose of the vaccine but she never got the chance to get one. And now to have to listen to this unmitigated jackass, Charles Barkley whine about how the privileged pro athlete elites being more deserving of life than my mother was because they pay more in taxes is unbearably bitter gall coming from a has-been horse’s ass that doesn’t even play anymore.

That’s the same way Charles Barkley feels about your mother and father, and your Grandparents, possibly even your Great-Grandmother and Father. Even the Devil has more couth than that, but not Charles Barkley. He’s so butt-scared that he”s going to die he’d just as quickly push them off a cliff as long as he gets his sorry old ass saved. That’s what I took away from that gross display of abject inhumanity anyway. Perhaps you have a more unique perspective than I do.

I have heard some really ignorant things spoken in my lifetime, and I know I’ve said some really foolish things in my day, as we all have. But in the category of THE most despicable, self-centered, heartless, and evil statements ever made, Charles Barkley truly takes the cake. To my mind, Mr. Barkley, you’re the Bruce Ismay of the pandemic. Congratulations. Bruce Ismay was another coward very much like yourself who displace women and children to get into a lifeboat while the Titanic sank. Thanks, I might add to his carelessness and demands that they run full speed ahead into a field of icebergs. Duh.

The difference is that you shoved the old folks, nurses, doctors, EMTs, and children out of the lifeboat and then wrecked the ship. I used to have so much love and the utmost respect for you but that crap you said was foul way beyond belief. I pray that you enjoy eating the fruit of your lips Mr. Barkley because without the money the poor people pay you won’t have to worry about paying higher taxes much longer, will you? I think not.