Greetings sports fans and welcome to a very very special edition of Vegas Valley Sports beat that diligent little Coronavirus killing Sports column that cares about you and you alone. I am just as flummoxed and floored by the sight the Las Vegas Strip devoid as it is these days of both people and vehicles. And that is the photograph of Main Street America today. Today being, Wednesday, March 25th, 2020. Today Christmas comes 9 months early and I am very happy to deliver it for you our readers because without you where would we be?
A great deal of stink has been made by certain persons in the so-called press lately about the lack of the sanitary supplies medical facilities need to combat the spread of this highly contagious and infectious disease. Those persons are particularly crying over a shortage of hand sanitizer which really doesn’t work as well as they say anyhow. If it did then the virus would not be spreading like wildfire across America and the world would it? It would not be doubling the number of reported cases every three days would it?
According to a very reliable source that I have spoken with previously; the hand sanitizer manufacturers were sued in recent memory because of those false claims. The actual number of common household germs hand sanitizers kill is closer to 60% than it is to 99.99%. They are supposed to be advertising that fact on their packaging but for some reason, the FTC is allowing them to use up their old stocks that say they kill 99.99% of germs.
Let’s get straight to the point. There is something that works. That something is not an alcohol-based snake-oil that kills around 60% of germs and just gets the rest of them drunk. This “thing” is a common household item that will kill any virus on the skin or other surfaces regardless of their nature. It is very safe to use and the chances are very good that as you are hopefully reading this you have it in your kitchen you have it in your laundry room.
It’s called detergent.
The nature of detergents such as Dawn dishwashing liquid which we all know dissolves grease on pots snd pans in the kitchen sink works the same way on virus cells. These cells are covered with lipids that are a kind of shell that protect the virus-cell inside while it is exposed outside of the host and we know that these particular coronavirus cells can survive as long as 72 hours in the open. Nobody wants to wipe their house down with hand sanitizer because that’s just not practical. And again it won’t work even if you do.
The walls of the coronavirus cell are very fragile. The negative ions in the chemical composition of the saponin molecules detergent strip the protective lipid shell away from the cells in the same way that it dissolves oil from the feathers of an oil-covered duckling, or a greasy frying pan. The same way it dissolves grease in tiny grease particles away from your greasy silverware if you let it soak in hot water. Dawn dishwashing liquid or any similar liquid dishwashing detergent of which there are many. Everyone knows the good name of Dawn, so for the sake of argument, we will say Dawn because this is about saving lives, not product placement.
You’re welcome, Dawn. Thank you for the clean baby ducklings, and Penguins, and storks, and Egrets, and Pelicans, and Gulls, and of course the Eagles and other animals in distress that were saved by it.
Once the lipid shell is stripped away from the virus-cell then the positive polarity of the detergent atoms binds with cholesterol in the body of the host causing the walls of the cell to become permeable for a few seconds. In the meantime, the Saponins pulls the rest of the virus apart killing it completely. Destroying it. I might have gotten the polarities of the Saponin molecules reversed but the effect is still the same. 
The fact of a virus is that it cannot get inside of the body unless you put it there. This is done by placing your hands in or up to your mouth, picking your nose, or touching your eyes. It can and in all likelihood serve to introduce the coronavirus or any other virus into your body. The great news is simply that simply by washing yourself, your clothes, your household surfaces, and your body with warm or hot water and some detergent will eliminate that virus from your body and those surfaces completely.
It will still take a great deal of diligence and heightened personal attention to hygiene to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. It requires your attention not only to one’s own hygiene but that of others as well. We are all in this together and we can all beat it together. Or we can go down in Flames with it together and I for one and have no intention of going down in flames. I intend to fight COVID-19 tooth and nail. This fight is to the death.
Coronavirus as we know it now, COVID-19 or whatever, it is a novel or brand-new coronavirus that was originally found only in animals but for whatever reason, it has managed to make a Quantum Leap into a form that has an affinity for human beings who make a perfect host for the virus. Once it finds a way into the host it begins to replicate and it causes the body’s immune system to attack the lungs of the host more than the virus and it kills the host. Or tries like hell in this case
No single measure that combats the spread of this pandemic virus should give anyone the least amount of false belief that it means life goes directly back to normal now and now they can stop maintaining social distance or let their guard down. There is no relenting option available to the world but there is a good solution. There is no reason to lose even one life more if it is at all possible that we can wrestle that life from the jaws of death. There is no letting up until we know that this has passed us by and another pandemic goes into the record books along with the many others that have come before it and gone. Stay safe, and stay well my friends you are our only concern at Vegas Valley News and I know I speak for the entire family here when I say that.
This too shall pass.
Thank you to Google Images for providing the images for this article and to the biochemist who had the common sense to be a voice of reason, and thank you to those websites who contributed to the knowledge of this research by backing it up.