Bob Blows Iceland’s Top, And The Suez Canal Is Open Again

Greetings sports fans and welcome back for another thrilling episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat the little search engine that could. Except that it’s not a search engine it’s a sports column. Of sorts. Today is Monday, March 29th, 2021, and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley region. I did my Sunday chores late in the afternoon and it was hot enough in the sun to make me sweat a little just standing in it.

Speaking of hot topics On March 19th a volcano erupted near Reykjavik, Iceland, and began spewing millions of metric tons of molten lava onto the Geldingavalley beside its namesake, Fagradalsfjall mountain. The last time, Bob erupted was in the 13th century AD and the eruption lasted for 30 years. This eruption is sure to continue for some time yet, most likely it will also be measured in years rather than days or months. Currently, the cone is approximately 50-60 meters high and growing at a steady pace, but the lava is rising at the same time which means the two vents spewing lava could be under lava before too long, and then Bob will have to build another structure.

As of this posting, a small fishing village near the volcano named Grindavik is reported to have the right to name the volcano but they have yet to vote on an official moniker. Local vulcanologists and fans alike are hoping that Grindavik will adopt the name, Bob. Because Fagradalsfjall is hard to spell if you don’t speak Icelandic, the people in a chatroom linked to a camera that is trained on the volcano, named it Bob, and the name has since stuck.

There were tens of thousands of minute earthquakes in Iceland leading up to Bob’s eruption on March 19th. In the intervening ten days since then, the little valley that Bob erupted in has begun filling up with lava. Scientists estimate it will take Bob two more weeks to overflow the valley, at current flow rates. According to local sources no populated areas are in danger of being overrun when that happens, as it surely will.


The projected path of the lava flow will terminate in the sea and create some new landmass for Iceland and hopefully, Bob will bring tourists from far and wide to see the eruption close-up and in-person. Already there are hundreds of locals trekking a path out to see Bob in his infancy and the view must be spectacular from that close. The problem with that is there are a number of toxic fumes being emitted by the volcano and from the lava field including a yellow cloud that will burn your lungs to an instant crisp, and the blue fumes are not much better for one’s health.

According to a source connected with Viðburðastofa Vestfjarða, the group that is moderating the Bob chat on youtube and the camera live-streaming the eruption in collaboration with RÚV, Iceland’s national broadcaster, and MBL Iceland, the state is preparing to install more sensors on the site to better measure the gas levels in the Geldingavalley.

Special thanks to the staff at Viðburðastofa Vestfjarða who provide answers, information, and technical expertise to keep the lights on, and the live-feed fed.