Greetings sports fans and welcome to another exciting episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That spicy little sports column that definitely does not have any Grey Poupon, so don’t even ask. Yesterday was another scorcher here in the lush las Vegas Valley region, but the weatherman says today is going to be much cooler with a high of around 91 degrees.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Heatstroke is a silent killer so learn to recognize the earliest symptoms of the onset to protect yourself because by the time most people realize they’re having one it’s already too late to save them. Keep in mind also that if you are overheated from outdoor exertions the last thing you want to do is chug down a big glass of ice water because the shock to your system can give you a heart attack and nobody needs that.

Turning our attention now to the wider, than wide, wider world of sports, the Las Vegas Golden Knights are facing elimination in the Stanley Cup playoffs but that happens every year so it may happen again this time. Then again you never know. Lord Stanley’s Cup is coming to Las Vegas. If not this year then the year after or the year after that, but it’s coming, of that, there is no doubt. It would be a tough row to hoe, but if any team has the capacity to pull off the upset it’s our Golden Knights. Hoe that row, and


And now about those two reviews.

I had to travel to Henderson yesterday to do a site progress inspection and I got stuck in the parking lot of a CVS Pharmacy on Horizon Ridge Parkway and Horizon Drive so I called my friendly GEICO Insurance agent and requested emergency roadside assistance which is part of my motorcycle policy and they said the truck from ASAP Towing would be there in an hour and ten minutes. 90 minutes later I called their dispatcher who told me the driver had a flat tire and was going to be another 20 minutes late.

When the tow truck driver finally called to tell me he was there he wanted to know where I was. I was right in front of the entrance and there was no tow truck in that parking lot but the driver, identified by GEICO as Joe, all but accused me of lying. His attitude was like I didn’t know where the hell I was when I was looking right at the street signs nearly the entire time I was there. It turned out to be more than 4 hours before a good samaritan gave me a jump, and I was able to get to the job site and do the inspection before the builder went home for the day.

Before that time, however, the driver finally figured out where I was like duh, and he asked the GEICO agent for a new GAO and she gave it to him. So then the bastard turns around after telling me he’s only 9 miles away, (only 9 ?) that it’s going to take him another hour to get to me. In the meantime, I’ve been standing out in the heat waiting for his sorry ass to keep his word but that never materialized.

But, what could I do? So I waited and then about 30 minutes later the dispatcher from ASAP Towing calls to inform me that it was going to take Joe another hour still to get to me. In other words, because I chewed the punk out for not keeping his worthless word and leaving me to suffer in the heat because he or GEICO screwed the pooch he started playing the f* you game where he took his sweet time and answered other cash-paying towing calls first. That’s my read of it. All I needed was 3 minutes of his time and I didn’t rate that because my policy apparently doesn’t pay enough money to suit ASAP Towing.

I told my agent, and I am going to call them every day and pitch a bitch about it until they drop ASAP Towing from their list of local contractors because that’s the keyword there. Contractors. ASAP Towing somehow has the idea that I work for them. The way they see it is you need a tow, and they don’t. It’s you and yours sitting out there in the heat while they’re sitting in an air-conditioned cab laughing all the way to the bank. If it was Joe’s kid sitting out there you can bet your assets he would have been there in a heartbeat. But, since it was just another nobody to Joe he said piss on him and made me wait even longer. Or so he thought. I finally called GEICO back and had them send someone else and TRITON Towing was out there in about 30 minutes. The driver was a really cool brother who had my bike started in 3 minutes flat and I was on my way again with the inspection report in hand.

This is just my opinion, Joe but you and ASAP Towing are straight garbage. and you need to go to the dustbin of history. I’m certain that with a piss poor customer service attitude like they have it’s only a matter of time before they do.

ASAP Towing’s dispatcher tried to tell me Joe couldn’t make it across the intervening 9 miles in less than ANOTHER interminable 90 minutes because their computer had somehow managed to reboot itself for some unknown, mysterious reason. Yeah, bullshit it did. And I’m Mayor McFreakingCheese. The only thing that kept Joe from keeping his word was himself. No computer held him back. I was in college for computer programming in 1982 and I know whether they lied or not the only thing keeping them from fulfilling their contract with me was their incompetence and piss poor attitude toward the butter on their bread. Their customers.

Can anyone honestly picture Joe, or anyone at ASAP Towing for that matter, calling their loved ones who have been sitting on the side of the interstate sweltering and dying in the heat that they were going to have to wait another hour because the computer had rebooted itself for some unknown reason just as they were pulling up behind their car? Yeah, me either. It rings like 28 karat gold bullshit in my ears.

Had I been injured in the heat yesterday ASAP Towing’s trip to the dustbin of history would be in the works behind a major liability suit and another for breach of contract. The GEICO agent asked me if I wanted her to send ASAP Towing and if so they’d be there in 70 minutes. I have the text messages on my phone still and that according to the law classes I took is a clear breach of a written contract. Making me pay for their screw-up makes it even worse for them because it raises punitive damages.

If I have to I will seek an injunction against GEICO to force them to drop ASAP Towing because they expressed no interest whatsoever in keeping their word, written or otherwise. Then after I did finally get going with help from Triton Towing after the inspection was done and just in the nick of time, Joe calls me to say he was there at the CVS parking lot and where was I? I hung up.


The better went completely flat before I could get much further than the job site but I’d already called a good friend and the cavalry was on its way with a trailer to get me and the bike back home to Nye County. I was able to get as far as Stephanie before it died again at the light and I rolled it downhill from the turn lane down to a parking spot right in front of a welcoming-looking little bar called TIMBERS. It even had a sign over the door that says WELCOME. I of course took that to mean welcome all and so I decided to hole up in there and have some food and drink while I waited another 90 minutes or more for help to arrive. Real help this time, not the fake ASAP Towing kind.

I went in and it was indeed a nice place. I was wondering even at that late time where they hatch people like Joe and I’ll be damned if I didn’t walk right into their freaking nest. I went to the restroom and washed my hands and the great of the experience was enough to piss off the Pope. I counted at least 7 people working there last night and they set the stage as soon as I went to the bar to order a coke. I don’t ever drink alcohol when I’m riding. 3 bartenders were standing right in front of me having a conference or a union meeting one or the other and they studiously ignored me. Several minutes later a lady finally deigned to ask if I needed help? Well duh huh? No, I just like to lean against strange bars for no apparent reason. I ordered a glass of ice water and a large soda with no ice for which I paid the princely sum of $3.50. Whatever.

I noticed how friendly the bartenders and waitresses were to everyone else, and one waitress walked past my table and said hi once but that was it. I asked to see a menu thinking still to eat and give them a nice review here today because as I stated when I wrote my first column our only goal is to bring to you all that is good for and about Las Vegas and of course, Nevada as a whole. Where we go one we go all isn’t a slogan it’s a fact of American life. For most of us anyway.

Wherever Timbers Stephanie is going they decided I’m not their kind and I was snubbed. I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t cheap either but it did sound good on paper. I waited and waited and still, nobody even so much as glanced my way. I also noticed that everybody there is lily-white. Apparently, Timbers is another way of saying (Pecker) Woods. Their logo looks the part. It has SS on it and the trees look like clansmen more than they do trees.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if the whites want to clique up. Anyone that treats their fellow man like that in this day and age should do so immediately because a race war is coming and we all know it. Many on both sides want it and the sides were established in the prison systems of America a long time ago. I know for a fact that the white left does want one. No real big secret all the same somehow we get around it. Believe what you want to believe, but live and let live is the golden rule.

I have known only two actual white supremacists in my life and I have the utmost love and respect for both gentlemen because that’s how they comported themselves toward me. Not once did they ever talk or look down on me, not even overtly. One of them whose name I will never tell was the man who held the keys to the entire car, and the other man I call my brother because despite being a KKK member he was one of the best partners I ever had working structural steel erection for 30+ years. Tied for first I’d have to say.

Needless to say, the attitude I got in Timbers last night was pure bullshit. The difference between the aforementioned white supremacists and those wannabes at the bar last night is crystal clear to my eyes because I know the real thing when I see it. I lived with one of the biggest. Right beside him in prison.  The most glaring difference is that my racist white friends were real and those punks at Timbers are fake as it gets. My friends are convinced that white people are the superior race and they live it and they walk their talk 100%. What you never hear and for obvious reason, is about their dignity and how they give that dignity to all people regardless of color.

You can’t very well be a white supremacist if you act like a common horse’s ass now, can you? Nope, you cannot. You are just plain old white trash if you do. There are only two races, the Human Race, and the rat race. The gentlemen I love and respect are unquestionably men of the Human Race, their perspective notwithstanding. And in case any of them should wonder if I have the balls to repeat this personally, you’re damn right I’ll say it to your racist pig faces today, tomorrow, and forever. The staff at TImbers Stephanie is unquestionably a contingent of racist white Aholes straight from the rat race. But they’re damn sure not white supremacists in my experience.

You could argue that they were busy and they were busy, but nope. Everyone else got waited on but me. And then a colored man walked into the bar. That sounds like a joke setup but it’s not. He came over and sat at a table for two like mine six feet away from me. The same distance from the bar and that’s when I thought to see if he got the same treatment I was getting. He sat there for quite a long time but the waitress that said hi to me 30 minutes before came over finally and gave him a menu.  So I can only assume they have a prejudice against Mexicans because everyone else got waited on and all I got was fuck you. That’s way to the left of what their blurb says online.

“Gaming – Spirits – Food – Open 24 hours a day – Full menu and breakfast served 24 hours a day – Consistently provide a WOW experience by exceeding our guests’ expectations through Quality, Service.”

Bullshit. It was a WOW experience I’ll give them that much. Not a good wow though, more like an abhorrent wow.

That is anything but good for Las Vegas, or for anyone in the United States, or for anyone on the planet for that matter. I got up then and kicked the filth of that lace from my Ostrich skin Tony Lama’s and went to the 7-11 for a Big Gulp and a couple of slices of pizza. Amazingly the guy who sold it to me was white and he was very friendly and respectful which now leads me to believe he was another one of those pesky white supremacists. I’m being facetious of course but I think you get the picture.

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if black supremacists acted that way instead of being militant, hateful, and dismissive of others? It now seems to me that those aren’t black supremacists either just more rats from the aforementioned rat race those white assholes crawled out of to work at Timbers.

You simply cannot pretend to be evolved and not live it because you tell on yourself by your actions. That’s not evolved in any way, it’s in fact devolved if you look at my white supremacist brothers. I say brothers because that’s how they made me feel. Like a brother. WTF do I care if they think they’re better than me? I’m too busy doing me to care what they think in the first place. In the second place I know who I am so I don’t depend upon anybody else’s definition or parameters to tell me who I am or should be.

I can almost get behind white supremacy, almost but not quite. It’s still inhuman and contrary to God’s commandments but that’s on them not me. Racism on the other hand is heinous and that’s what the white racist creeps at Timbers are in my book. Racist white trash. I must say the lowlifes who did me like dirt at Timbers are nothing more than that to me. Ignorant trash.

If you are a human being, regardless of your skin color, you would do well to boycott Timbers. Better yet call them and ask them why there are no people of color working in their cracker club and let them know how you feel about being treated that way.  YELP reviews show that this is nothing new for them.

  • Photo of Frank H.
    Frank H.

    Southfork, Henderson, NV

    Be careful of online orders.  Twice, the screw ups were minimal but still a pain.  This last time (No. 3). We called to complain.  We received an order of chips and a small fry; when in reality we ordered 3 Steak Sandwich dinners.  When we called to complain they went into full denial and stated they got the order right and basically it sucks to be you.
    So not only was the delivery late – we now have to figure out other dinner plans and fight for a refund.  Live and learn.  Won’t eat hear (sic) again. Not missing much.  Bowling alley food at its best.

    Lindsay C.

    Las Vegas, NV (A white chick)
    This is my favorite bar in Henderson. The bartenders, especially Karen, are always the nicest and most enjoyable company when I come in. I always get the best greeting and treatment, even when other customers are being difficult around me.
    Photo of Leanna O.
    Leanna O.

    Henderson, NV
    DO NOT GO HERE!!! I just paid 15 dollars for my 2 sliders that were supposed to be 7!! And I spent over 40 dollars gambling playing over a dollar a hand and was charged for my drinks!!! Bartender treated me horribly and treated the men great. I also asked a question about my loyalty info and she was absolutely useless and treated me poorly for forgetting my pin!!! DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU ARE FEMALE!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DRINK COMPED FOR GAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scott B.

    Henderson, NV
    The staff is friendly but I was disappointed in the chili.  Not very spicy and quite cold. They actually had to go microwave it. I’ve never had that happen.
    We live near by, so I’ll get take out, like tonight. Usually I call ahead. Tonight o just came in. There was a VGK game on, so maybe they are just understaffed.
    I usually will order a BLT. Tonight 2 cheeseburgers. We have experienced highs and lows with  the kitchen, but usually are satisfied.

    Addendum: the cheeseburgers made my wife sick. Not food poisoning sick, just GI tract sick. Maybe just stick to the drinks and beer and find food elsewhere.

    Denise G.

    Henderson, NV
    Love this local tavern. Friendly atmosphere. Best Wings in town! Overall the food is awesome! Waitstaff are attentive and friendly!  Great pub to unwind in after a long day …
    Charles R.

    Pahrump, NV
    I went in there after performing an on-site building inspection at suppertime thinking to get food and drink after a long miserable day that began at 5am in Nye County 80 miles away. I thought I’d review the pub while I was there for my column, and I was treated like dirt by the entire staff. It was like I was invisible. Everybody around me was served and treated nice while I was ignored completely until I gave up on getting to order any food. For an hour or more I observed how they treated everybody else in the place like human beings while giving me the cold shoulder presumably because I was the only Mexican in the place, That’s what Special Inspectors do. There was no other reason for such ill treatment as I received there. What’s more, they had the audacity to walk past me numerous times until I got up and left to get a Big Gulp and some slices at the 7-11 on the corner. I think everybody in Las Vegas should be concerned that Timbers has nothing but white people working there. What happened to affirmative action? What exactly is their problem with Mexican professionals I wonder?
    Charles Ramos Jr – Expert Reviewer at and senior staff writer/ reviewer at Author of Vegas Valley Sports Beat and Publisher at #BoycottTimbers
    So one can only conclude from this sampling that they treat their friends well and screw everybody else. If it’s the last thing I do I will see to it that these two businesses are closed down. Nobody deserves to be treated that way by anyone.