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Greetings sports fans and welcome to another edition of Valley News Sports Beat where you’re sure to find all the news that is the news making the news around the world. Let’s turn now to our own backyard and a few words from, Kathy Cornelius, the newly elected Commander-In-Chief of the Frankie Moreno Army.

She missed the vote and got saddled with the post. Better luck next time, Kathy. Although I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.

Kathy is a very sweet, lovely lady and an untiring advocate for the FMA. She is also its founder. I recently met for lunch with, Kathy and a couple of the other leading members of the FMA, (Of which I am also a member BTW) and we discussed the ultimate goals of the Frankie Moreno Army which is to spread the music and the message of Frankie Moreno’s music to as many new fans and to enlist as many new members into the Frankie Moreno Army as possible while keeping the FMA unique amongst all of the other fan clubs floating around out there.

I have attended two of Frankie’s live performances at the South Point Showroom and it’s very easily understood once you see the show that what Kathy sees in Frankie Moreno is easy for all to see. And that is simply the truth that, Frankie brings to the stage an energy and stage presence not typically seen at your typical concert. Whatever that is. I’ve now attended more than 60 live performances and I can’t recall many that you might call typical as each group has their own thing.

But if you could call any performer typical it certainly would not be, Frankie Moreno. Where else will the star of the show call you up to the stage and pour you a shot of Crown Royal during the concert? Nowhere. Where else will you see a star bring 3 other performers up on stage to sing an old Elvis Presley tune? Nowhere. Where else are you going to see a Las Vegas star performer give a beautiful Gibson guitar to a young fan who has finally made it to the show to see their favorite artist perform? Nowhere.

And then to top that off, Frankie instructed his stage manager to give the child a guitar case to put it in. The truth of the matter is that many of the stars we see today are typically stuck-up self-entitled prima donna’s who wouldn’t give a fan like that the time of day. They might stand up there on the stage and wave and smile for the camera’s but as soon as the lights go down and the curtain falls they could not really care less about anything or anyone in that venue than the man in the moon.

Case in point was when Bono, the poster child for self-entitled super-stardom, walked off the stage in the middle of a song at Sam Boyd Stadium during the opening show of U2’s Pop Mart tour in 1997. His mates had to go and bring him back to finish the concert otherwise, Princess Bono was planning, or so it certainly seemed, to stiff the fans and go have his little hissy fit in the privacy of his own dressing room.

Seriously? Puh-LEEZ.

It appeared to me that night that Bono was trying hard to work the audience up into a lather for the opening of their tour but this is Las Vegas after all. Everybody who is anybody plays Las Vegas we have seen it all. We have it all. If we don’t you don’t need it anyway.

The crowd just was not that into it and the level of response from those in attendance never really peaked. It just hit a certain plateau and stayed there for the rest of the night. Bono’s having a conniption fit walking off of the stage in the middle of a song didn’t help the matter at all of course.

I would bet my spurs that U2 lost a number of fans to that ill-advised childish stunt that night. Count me as #1 amongst that figure when you add them all up.

Perhaps, Bono could take some lessons on how to be a human being from, Frankie Moreno because that type of behavior is something fans will never be subjected to at one of his shows. The level of energy is high-voltage rock and roll and it is fun with a capital F. As, our fearless leader, Kathy pointed out during our lunch meeting, Frankie brings to the stage a presence and energy that connects with his fans and you can easily see that this is not an affectation.

Frankie does not get up on the stage and phone it in. The songs change with every new show and the best part is you simply never know what might happen. You never know who might be there to see, Frankie that night and be called upon to come up on stage and sing a tune for you.


Frankie is going to raffle off a guitar signed by the entire band.  Tickets are $5.00 each or 25 tickets for $100.  The proceeds will go to the Frankie Moreno Scholarship Fund for the Nevada School of the Arts.  You can purchase tickets at his upcoming shows or by contacting
Kathy Cornelius at
This is a cause that is very dear to Frankie. He has been working with kids for many years teaching songwriting and music in the different schools.  The drawing will be held after the May 24th Fan Night at the South Point Hotel and Casino

This is due to the fact that, Frankie Moreno as I have said previously, is a real and genuinely warm human being. His band gives back a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to fund school band programs which is very near and dear to my own heart as I played in orchestra all through school from the 4th through the 11th grades and I know that band is a wonderful alternative to some of the other after-school activities which many students are participating in these days, but also back in my own day.

Time keeps on marching on but the cadence still remains the same.


This article is about the Frankie Moreno Army but the Frankie Moreno Army is all about Frankie Moreno, and it’s easy to see why Kathy and the rest of the FMA membership are so enamored with Frankie. I have had the pleasure of going backstage after the show and meeting, Frankie and the band and they are all very nice people in real-life. I met his Brother, Tony Moreno who plays bass guitar for the band, and I met their mother and father. Both of whom are very warm, wonderful people. It’s not all that difficult to see where Frankie and Tony got their well-grounded personalities from.

There’s an excellent reason why the Las Vegas Review-Journal called Frankie Moreno “Best of Vegas” Best All-Around Performer, and why Frankie was voted by readers of the Las Vegas Weekly as being 2012’s “Best Strip Headliner” That reason is that connection of which, Kathy speaks so animatedly. It’s like you are one of their family when you attend one of, Frankie’s shows. Frankie has put together his band and he has nurtured them and guided the band along to where they are now and they all make it work beautifully.

I wish I could tell you all about the numerous benefits of enlisting in the Frankie Moreno Army but alas I am under orders by our Commander-In_Chief to say nothing that might give away the farm as it were. There are tons of benefits to be had for members like special members-only performances, play dates, special giveaways, and promotions of which I am under penalty of the firing squad not to reveal to you, my dear readers.

What I have been authorized to reveal to you my dear readers, is that if you enlist in the FMA today you will receive your very own, Frankie Moreno Army SEcret Agent super-duper decoder ring with which you will be able to decode the secret goings-on of the FMA. By decoder ring, I mean the official FMA newsletter. It’s a euphemism.

I’m not even sure if I can tell you how much a Frankie Moreno shot glass costs, but I can assure you that it will pay for itself after only one show given the price of a bar shot of Crown Royal these days.

I cannot even show you a picture of, Kathy Cornelius herself because it is on the top-secretest hush-hushest level. I was told not to do this, buuut. I did it anyway. With the help of a police dog, sketch artist, I managed to put together this flawless rendition of our fearless leader from our lunch date last week.


If you should chance to see my smiling face gracing your milk carton next week, you’ll know why.

It is not nor will it ever be the purpose of this reporter to promote any person, place, or thing as we have a personal vendetta against nouns as a whole, and it simply is not my job.


It is the sole purpose of this journal and of this reporter to accurately investigate, review, and report on the people, places, and things which are of relevance to Las Vegas and its people who wish to know all about those places and things.

The Showroom at South Point is a really wonderful venue with two full bars on opposite sides of the room and the cocktail waitresses are not only beautiful but they are very friendly, courteous, and professional. If you should expire from thirst at the show you have nobody to blame but yourself.

The ticket counter is very easy to locate nearby, and the staff there are always on the ball as far as getting your tickets right into your hot little hands. Once you enter the showroom a friendly usher shows you directly to your seats so there’s no wandering about going, “Hey, Martha, where in the heck are we sitting?”

Surely every red-blooded male out there will be able to appreciate the manner in which the staff of the South Point Showroom has managed to alleviate the awkwardness of having to stop and ask someone for directions.

This then meets that standard in that, Frankie Moreno is, in point of fact, a very warm, very talented, very unique individual and a stellar performer. Any embellishment of his talent and the charismatic performances which he gives every night that his band takes the stage would be a great disservice to render unto them, and to the people for whom this reporter is responsible for informing as to the facts.

People who might happen to be reading this column and thinking to themselves, “Hey self. What’s up, Dude? You know, I am thinking that Kathy Cornelius sure does look like a nice lady. Perhaps she’s onto something here? Mayhaps I should just traipse right on down to the South Point Hotel and Casino on Thursday, May the 24th and see for myself what this phenomenon of which she speaks so eloquently, is all about.

Want to win this beautiful, autographed guitar from Frankie Moreno, and the band? Simply purchase raffle tickets for $5 each or $100 for 25 tickets and if yours is drawn on May 24  this beauty will be all yours! All proceeds go to the Frankie Moreno scholarship fund for the Nevada School of the Arts so it’s a win-win proposition all the way around. May 24th is going to be a fan appreciation show night with all kinds of surprises in store galore for fans of, Frankie Moreno who show up that night. And be sure to purchase an FMA shot glass the night of the show so that Frankie can fill it up with a couple shots of Crown Royal during the performance.

Image may contain: one or more people and guitar

You would certainly do a lot worse by going anywhere else that night.

And now a few words from, Fearless Leader, Kathy Cornelius.


Greetings FMArmy™

You are now part of the Frankie Moreno Fan Club.  We are delighted that you have joined us. Some people have asked what we are about so we want to take a moment to explain our purpose.

The FMArmy™ is a group of people that have come together to support Frankie.  We are a team (an army) to champion his belief in music, his artistry, and his incredible ability to constantly outdo himself.  There are several “fan clubs” popping up so we want to be clear about a few things:

1.  A fan club is based on loyalty. A steadfast allegiance to that one artist. Otherwise, our purpose is lost.
2. As a member of the FMArmy™, we encourage you to support him any way you can.
3.  You will meet amazing people just like you that want Frankie to succeed.
4.  Follow the Rules of engagement:

What’s coming up:

This Friday is Frankie Friday which means one lucky fan will receive a Frankie bundle (Frankie coffee mug, shot glass, large pin, flashlight/ keychain, Tangerine Honey candy) and his Live CD.

May 24th is gonna be Frankie Fan Night at the South Point. We have an awesome night planned that you won’t want to miss so get your tickets now at the link below.

The dates for all upcoming shows are here:
Smith Center:  4-17, 5-1, and 5-15
South Point: 4-5, 4-19, 5-10 and 5-24
Baltimore Symphony: 4-12, 4-13, 4-14, and 4-15

Purchase tickets by clicking on the links below:
(New dates for the Smith Center and South Point will be announced soon)

South Point Hotel and Casino

Smith Center Tickets

Baltimore Symphony

Do you want a bit of Frankie to take home with you?  We have FM Coffee mugs, shot glasses, T-shirts, pins for your lapels, flashlight/keychains for “lighting him up”, custom madeTangerine Honey candy, and of course his CDs and DVD for sale at his shows.


FOLLOW FRANKIE ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE SURE TO FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, AND TWITTER! OUR WEBSITE IS: WWW.FRANKIEMORENOFANCLUB.COMThank you for supporting Frankie and the FMArmy. Be sure to follow the Rules of Engagement! We truly appreciate your support!IFWT (In Frankie We Trust)! kathy2.jpeg
 Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @jajuarezphoto

Fans line up before Frankie Moreno's concert at the Suncoast Showroom in Las Vegas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @jajuarezphoto

Fans line up before Frankie Moreno’s concert at the Suncoast Showroom in Las Vegas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @jajuarezphoto

Kathy Cornelius of the Frankie Moreno Fan Club, left, meets with fans before a concert at the Suncoast Showroom in Las Vegas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal @j ...

Kathy Cornelius of the Frankie Moreno Fan Club, left, meets with fans before a concert at the Suncoast Showroom in Las Vegas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Joel Angel Juarez Las Vegas Review-Journal