An Open Letter To The U.S. Supreme Court And To All Courts.

Dear Courts,
Many conflicts of interest keep popping up in political discourse lately and speaking from my own office of Special Inspector I say this, and it’s not an opinion it’s the law. I work independently, for other agencies or firms, and individuals as well. Neither I nor any other Inspector across all disciplines can even be colored by the shadow or suggestion of any conflicts of interest, yet the Democrats and not exclusively either, are seemingly oblivious to this rule which extends to them even more so than myself and I do see this going on. I charge the courts to act upon these revelations and investigate them immediately. Especially the admission of guilt Joe Biden made regarding his strongarming of Ukraine using taxpayer’s monies and the office of the US President to back him up. That is a crime. The US Supreme Court of all Courts cannot sit on their hands and claim they are not the people’s advocates when for a fact of law they are just that. Your duty is clearly defined in the Constitution as being sworn to support and defend the law which is of, by, and for THE PEOPLE, thank you, and it all boils down to the God-given rights of the individual.
In this instance that individual is me and I demand the Judiciary act to preserve the Union which could not be more obviously under attack by a lawless faction in our own government and from outside as well if they had billboards saying so on every highway in America. This is a red card moment in history that will not excuse your failure to act and to do your sworn duty that you alone have the authority to wield and enforce. If you do not, then what do we the people need you for? Nothing, I submit, and it must be held as the truth. Use it or lose it before the Democrats in charge pack the Supreme Court and you become irrelevant to everyone anyway, Your Honors. With all due respect to the Courts, if not then to yourselves, I say this to you publically because frankly I am beyond appalled by your inaction and silence while your own orders are trampled by those very same factions. Enough of the cop-outs. You have a  duty to intervene, to stop both sides, in place, and investigate the origins of this national conflict so clearly rooted in the Democrat Party, Nee the Confederate Party, Nee the DNC.
The same DNC that is now publically known to have abused the FISA court in order to spy on a seated President for the sole purpose of bringing false charges and accusations against the Executive Branch through the Legislative Branch. Whom I did not vote for by he way. I am a registered Democrat. That leaves only The Judicial Branch to be cut down and burned by the same faction(s) that perpetrate that act of treason and deliberate fraud against myself and every individual in the United States of America. That is undeniable.  I knew all that in June of 2016 when it was reported in the news. How did anyone not know that? I refuse to believe such utter nonsense when I knew it and said so then and have continued to say so to deaf ears. Now the eyes can see the truth though, can’t they? Now the ears can hear it too. It was Robert Mueller’s job to know the Steele Dossier was the root of that particular evil, yet he claimed to have no knowledge of what I’d know for a long time by then? Bullshit. Eric Swalwell, Fang Fang, and Adam Schiff, et al, didn’t know before Mueller was even appointed that it was a lie based on a lie that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC when I knew and I can easily prove this too? Bullshit. It was a theater of liars your Honors. 
You are referees by definition and this is clearly foul play. I demand you get off your duffs now and do your jobs to protect my rights as given by God and I demand you do it now. Now you have someone you can advocate for, you have me, and no excuses are acceptable to me, no lesser degree of God’s blessings of liberty are even thinkable.
Let’s establish my authority and jurisdiction as an IBC code Enforcement Officer/ ICC S1 and S2 Special Inspector and as an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector. I have jurisdiction by my offices over every last structure with very few exceptions outside of mud huts. I work for myself alone, nobody else I have no conflicts of interest in any of it I make my living from writing and as an active Progress Inspector via 1099 and I have always paid my taxes. I am not a representative of anyone but myself, however, my Jurisdiction and authority stem from the world’s recognized need to protect the occupants of those structures from the machinations of contractors and builders that would as soon glue your home together as spend money on nails. Which I also have Jurisdiction over. My concern does extend to those individuals, and rightly so as evidenced by the effect of rioting on a vast number of structures that were once people’s homes and businesses if not both as was seen more than once in my own recent memory. I can, and I am advocating for them as an officer of these courts. I can and will pull rank. Their homes and businesses have been made unsafe by this administration and the DNC and I demand the Courts take the appropriate action(s) to remedy it immediately for my own sake and for theirs.
Without adherence to the rule of law, there is no American infrastructure, as we the people are the infrastructure of America. That is being clearly undermined by the deliberate and concerted efforts of the aforementioned factions in our government.
Whereas the current administration and the Democrats et al in Congress and the Senate choose to refer to America as their Democracy when in fact this is the Constitutional Republic of The United States of America, coupled with the evidential fact that they refuse to obey any laws but their own I am throwing g down my red card before the courts and I demand this stop before it becomes a shooting war that I want no part of. Period. You should feel as I do, and as many American citizens do, at least that is the hope of this open letter.  Being a Pastor I should never have to ask Dr. Anthony Fauci if it’s okay to go to church on Christmas Eve to celebrate Midnight mass. I did it in Jail and out so say I don’t. I have attended Muslim services in the Westchester County jail too. Is Dr. Fauci going to decide whether I can or can’t go worship God with my Muslim brothers and sisters now? Hardly.
I’ve been through this once before with Westchester County Jail and the ArchDiocese sent a Priest/ Lawyer from New York City to disabuse me of my rights related to that very same issue. Go ask the Lawyer himself, and he will tell you that he lost every argument he brought to me without rebuttal. I refuse to take any vaccine by mandate because God told me if I do He won’t even know me anymore. I promise any and all comers this will not end well if any amount of force is used against any person in this nation. That is simply an observation not a threat real or implied. If it’s directed at me that’s another story and that is why I am writing this letter. I should never in the course of human events have to say such a thing in a free nation, and yet, here we are.
I should never have to say this to any Judge in such an egregious instance as this either but,  Pretty please? May I keep my freedom, and my country? Can it still be free along with me so that I too may enjoy the blessings of liberty that you so enjoy because that evil faction wouldn’t dare touch you without packing the Supreme Court first? They wouldn’t dare threaten the US Supreme Court would they, Your Honors? They’d say no, except for the fact that Senator Chuck Schumer stood outside your door acting like a ravenous wolf and he threatened you if you did not do his bidding, and the bidding of the mob attending him. He did not have the protection of being in Congress when he did that. Nor did Maxine Waters or Kamala Harris when they called upon their supporters to act out violently against political rivals for exercising their own God-given rights to vote as they will for whomever they will.
Will you do your job, or will you give it all away to the highest Biden? I mean bidder.  Honestly, your inaction borders on treason of its own accord, and that’s not to mention the implication of this Court as being complicit in it all by its inaction in the face of tyranny. That shadow is clearly being cast upon you and the color of your own discretion is questionable at best at this juncture. Prove me wrong.
I recommend the USSC remedy these discrepancies with all haste. 
Respectfully submitted and sworn to as by affidavit,
ICC Special Inspector Charles Ramos Jr.
Senior Staff Journalist & Publisher at Vegas Valley News and BBB Wolfe Books Dotcom.

October 08, 2021