I was supposed to write a rant about what kind of local team pretends to love their home city while at the same time excludes local media outlets because they don’t need them. This being according to the team and I was going to too because this reporter was told by a reasonably reliable source that the Golden Knights players are nothing but a bunch of stuck-up self-centered jerks who think their sh_t don’t stink. Fill in the blank yourself. Smart money says buy a vowel.

On the surface of the matter, this certainly does appear to be the case. But since I’ve never met any of them I couldn’t say one way or the other with any level of certainty except to say that they are certainly hypocrites from my unique vantage point.

I personally could not care less about the Golden Knights because I’ve been a Bruins fan for as long as I can remember. Despite the fact that I rarely ever watch a game. Football, soccer, rugby, basketball, golf, horseracing, even a good tennis match on center court at Wimbledon can keep my attention from wandering to another channel, I can truthfully report that I have never watched an entire hockey match in my life. The Golden Knights are no exception.

I thought it was a great thing for Las Vegas when we got an NHL expansion franchise of our own and I especially approve of the owners choice of names for the team. When I heard the announcement that the first head coach was named Gallant I thought that was very fortuitous for the team and that it bodes well for them. That certainly does seem to be the case as they stand poised to eliminate the Winnipeg Jets tonight in game 5 of the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.


According to an unnameable but reliable source the Las Vegas Golden Knights are a bunch of stuck-up snobs. I can’t call that one but what I do know is this. Besides the Las Vegas Review-Journal, all of the other media outlets which the LAS VEGAS Golden Knights do allow to attend their games in person are not local, and it has been widely reported in the media by many seemingly knowledgeable persons that MSNBC is a consistent source of biased and/or fake news. Fake news implies the bias no?

Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s arse about going to see a hockey game no matter who’s playing but what does make me say foul play is the way in which these players who have come to our city from somewhere else wanting Las Vegas to Represent them but they have no intention of representing Las Vegas beyond the name on the logo?

Nope, I call bullshit.

What I find malodorous about the players is not their alleged snobbish attitude, I’ve seen far worse. It’s a given that if you give a tooth-challenged dimwit $3 million dollars all of a sudden they think they own the world. Happens every time. Insufferable boors are what some folks call that type.

You cannot deny that they are an exciting team to watch. Now that they finally got their act together that is. They were as I’m sure others may recall, on the very brink of elimination from any hope of making the playoffs.

If nobody else recalls the tweets coming from the team when their remaining post-season hopes hinged upon the abilities of their rivals in Texas and whether they won over another of their rivals. I do remember that tweet. I remember all of the self-effacing tweets when they were losing and getting ever closer and closer to the brink with every loss.

Even though they don’t need Vegas Valley News I still see numerous articles in the journal about them. If the decision were mine to make the front page would include nothing more about the Knights than my own drawing of both Calvin AND Hobbes pissing on a golden helm.

But again those are sour grapes and sour grapes are for losers. Let the Knights choose to be a lower common denominator if they want to; more power to them. As for myself however and (I hope) for all of VVN as well, we are going to stick to the high road and continue to bring the awesome fans in Las Vegas the best coverage of the Golden Knights because we love Las Vegas, we love the game and we love the fans because they, you, them, are us, me. That’s what #VegasStrong is all about. Embrace it or face it.

A personal word to the players is the last thing I have to say on the subject. When you guys were down we helped you from staying down. At least we tried to by offering encouragement and by having faith in you when the sun seemed to be setting on your inaugural season. I sincerely believe that you can bring Stanley to Las Vegas and nothing would be more awesome either.

If you do I’ll bring a box of ticker tape to your parade and cheer for your accomplishment even though I still prefer the Bruins. Just remember this you superstitious SOB’s who grow playoff beards thinking it’s lucky. Luck and Karma are one and the same, they walk hand in hand and take away as well as they give. Be careful who you step on as you climb your way up the ladder because the fall from the top is a long one and shite flows downhill.