Greetings sports fans and welcome to a sordid edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That honest little sports column that refuses to sit down and shut up even on pain of death. That being said, I have a question.

Precisely how much more evidence does it take before the Judiciary pulls their collective heads out of the sand? Less fake evidence was enough to spur the Democrats to the entire Russian Collusion delusion that cost taxpayers a reported $42,000,000 for a big fat nothingburger with cheese in 2016 when they refused to accept the results of that election. This is on record when they objected to certifying Trump’s electors on January 06, 2017, and Joe Biden shot them all down.

A greater percentage of American’s believe there was tampering now and I know my vote was canceled, thus stolen, and I can prove it. So where’s the outrage in Congress for my stolen vote? Or for yours? This has gone way beyond ludicrous and it’s time for rational heads to prevail. For what it’s worth I’ve seen more than enough evidence of treason in the DNC to send the upper echelons of he party from Obama on down to the gibbet.

As a Special Inspector and ICC Code Enforcement Officer I am throwing the red card down. This must stop before war breaks out again. This has been a deliberate attack by the Democrats, and foreign actors in more than one country.

Now they are telling Americans who see real voter fraud and tampering they have testified to on affidavit that they are subversives and need to sit down and shut up so we can move along. There is not going to be any moving on until this is resolved to the satisfaction of all 50 states now.  Anything less is unacceptable to me and I know it is to many millions of registered voters. This shall not pass.

They even want to lock up people who voted for Donald Trump and take their children away to reprogram them in concentration camps. Over my dead body they will, and I don’t even have any children. They already steal 8,000,000 children every year as it is.

We know that is also part of the mindset behind this treasonous act of the DNC. They are importing them now. That was why they were so dead-set against closing the border and why we are seeing the rush to fill backorders from South America now. This will stop now and we will get to the bottom of the 202o elections once and for all. Treason was committed and we will know whom and they will be brought to justice. Let the chips fall where they may. If Joe Biden won fairly I’ll be the first to go to the concentration camp and take the Zyklon shower. If not, he swings for it instead.

Capitulate now Joe Biden, take a plea bargain. If you’ll confess to cheating, and give testimony against the rest of your co-conspirators you won’t be executed. No matter what you all know you, and the entire DNC are going down in flames, and the blood, and feathers will fly.

Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton both said they’d tell their candidate Joe Biden not to concede the election to President Trump under any circumstances. That’s more than enough evidence of prior knowledge on their part to make a federal case for conspiracy to commit treason against them.

Add to that the fact that they are actively and brazenly defying the law and refusing to turn over evidence of their duplicity and you have a nation that is ready to go to war against them. The rule of law must be preserved along with the Union itself or we stand to lose it all by playing on their filthy playing field. WE do not have to fight them as we did in 1861 again. The rule of law was designed to deal with these very people, this very threat to the Constitution and the 245-year-old Republic that Benjamin Franklin frankly wondered if we could hold onto while the ink on the Declaration of Independence was still wet.

We can and we will. Freedom will always ring true in America because it doesn’t ring anywhere else. We have nowhere else to go if it doesn’t. Our backs are to the sea and we will not be moved. Just saying.