Greetings sports fans and welcome to another exciting edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat the little column that could should can will and still does anyway if for nothing but the sheer heck of it. But it’s a beautiful day here in the lovely Las Vegas valley the birds are tweeting and the horns are undoubtedly honking all over our fair city and a great day to be alive. If however, you are not alive…


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Cupid is as sure to be in the air as the power of love itself. I know you can feel it. I know I can feel it. Love as we all know is the key to magic and the cat is out of the bag now. Love not only feels wonderful but it costs nothing and you can give as much love away as you want to it never runs out it just grows and grows until the end of the day after forever.

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How can you not love that?

Valentine’s Day for some people means lavishing gifts on the ones they love and that’s a good thing in every language. It’s the little things that one does for others throughout the years, however; that mean more than even words can ever do justice.


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A Valentine card is as we can surely agree mandatory if you have a sweetheart to remember on Valentine’s Day and if you can give her a ring with a piece of ice big enough to threaten commercial shipping lanes in it then all the better. Hold her or him and cherish every moment you have them.

Even if all you can afford to give someone is a smile it’s invaluable because it comes from the heart or not at all. There are still a thousand things for you to do tomorrow and every day to show the ones you love just how much you care. A single daisy can mean the same as a thousand roses but can a thousand roses ever mean as much as a single daisy? Doubtful.

Can the wonder of a Caribbean cruise ever be considered to be more romantic than snuggling together under a blanket and sharing a good movie and a bottle of wine and playing the kissing game? Very doubtful, I think.

Unless of course, you’re doing both at the same time in which case go to the front of the class.

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What you ask is the kissing game and how do you play? Elementary my dear Watson, you and your chosen movie partner select a specific word that when spoken by anyone in the movie means you kiss.

Or if you are more of a nerdy computer geek like myself you might want to check out, Bliss,  the world’s first intelligent romantic game for lovers. Bliss, the Game for Lovers, does what no other romantic board game or computer game can do. It uses advanced computer technology to adapt itself to your personal romantic preferences. Spencers, eBay, and Amazon are just a few of the places where you can also find board games. lotions, notions, and love potions to suit most every taste.

You can go out to dinner or catch a new movie at the walk-in theater, or cuddle up in front of a cozy fireplace and read a good book to one another after sharing an intimate dinner for two that you prepared just for them or you prepared together.

But what about February 15th and August 8th or any day in between now and next Valentine’s Day? Every day is a day that you may never get another chance to say I love you or to show it through your actions which speak volumes.

It only takes a moment to call or text someone once in a while and remind them they are always on your mind and forever in your heart. To say “I wish you could see the goofy smile on my face whenever we are texting one another,” or just to say I love you.

I wish you would.