I must set the record straight as it were and print a retraction/correction. I originally stated that AC?DC performed Balls To The Wall but that I was just informed was incorrect. The song was recorded in 1983 by the band, Accept, and released in April of 1984 on the album by the same name.*


Greetings sports fans and welcome to finally it’s Friday night in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s currently 71 degrees and partly cloudy at 10:00 pm. On your FM dial if you chance to be listening right this very minute to radio station 97.1 The Point, then you are hearing like I am, the newest radio program to rock the City of Sin, Sand, and Souvenirs.

Identified only as Mel, the new DJ started her show off strong right out of the starting blocks and was gone from there and strong rocking the classic hair genre metal with the pedal to the floor and her balls to the wall. That was her first song selection. A delectable yet cold cut by Accept that rarely makes its way across the airwaves. Ever.  Her second choice cut was the Lumberjack Song by, Jackyl. This is a cold ass cut so deep that few people even know many the words. I can play the lead on an 18″ Stihl chainsaw. Bet that.

97.1 The Point has been the undisputed champions when it comes to classic rocking the Las Vegas Valley ever since I arrived in Las Vegas in 1995 which is why I have long since torn the knob off of my radio dial and threw it out the window of my truck.

Mel’s metal cold cut show is a real breath of Spring and quite refreshing in its originality and the clear appreciation that, Mel displays in her selections. Welcome to the airwaves, Mel.

Whatever you shall light upon as a name for your show, in the end, I hope your song always remains the same. Rock on now and go get you some girl. The brass ring is yours for the taking. Damn good job.



*A very special thank you goes to, Kim Kelly of 97.1 KXPT The Point, for setting the record straight on the Balls To The Wall faux pas. Thanks, bunches Kimmie you’re the best and that’s all there is to it. Nuff said.

Photo by Charles Ramos Jr.

Logo image courtesy of 97.1 The Point and Lotus Broadcasting.