Greetings sports fans and welcome back to another thrilling episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The sports column that’s all about you, everything else, and sometimes even sports. Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, nobody really gave Dallas a fighting chance against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. But I knew better and I am vindicated once more as Dak and the Pack went on the attack and defeated Philadelphia soundly 37-10 after two Philly fumbles in the first quarter fell The Cowboys way and Dak Prescot converted them for touchdowns in short order.

We pulled out at 7 am and got to Town Square Mall around 8:30 just in time to check-in for the run and have a continental breakfast of raspberry danish, coffee, and orange juice before the bikes pulled out behind and escort of Nevada State Troopers and two fire trucks from Las Vegas FD and officers from Las Vegas Metro PD taking up the rear. Whatever that fiasco was called last week against Green Bay it was clear that the team has moved beyond it and are back in their groove once more. With this win, the Cowboys now control the NFC East and their playoff hopes are still well in their own hands as long as they continue playing up to their potential.
It was a beautiful Fall day yesterday and as I watched the sun come up on Sunday morning I knew it was going to be a perfect day for a charity run and Mother Nature did not disappoint either.

Hundreds of bikes, riders, and even a few super-heroes turned out this morning to raise donations for the 2019 Ride To Cure run. Volunteers and onlookers lined the sidewalk as the bikes rolled past on their way out of Town Square Mall with their horns blaring in salute. The fire trucks and Metro PD cruisers got the biggest round of applause as they pulled out last. For whatever their nefarious purpose, House Democrats would have us all believe that we are all divided along racial lines but we all know that is nothing but a bunch of hogwash and this event was just one more proof of it.

The group was not gone long, just long enough to make a circuit about town and back again. By the time they returned lunch was ready and waiting and the band was already on stage ready to belt out a few good tunes. I stayed behind and spoke with some of the volunteers and sponsors such as x107.5s Troy, Colin, and Audrey from the Dave And Mahoney in the morning show who were cranking out some good tunes themselves before the band took over the musical duties. I must apologize to them because the picture I took that was supposed to have been right here was ruined by someone else who used my camera to take a picture and smeared their finger oils all over the lens which ruined half of my pictures. Oh well, what can you do? It’s not like it was intentional and I still got some good pictures.

The best part about this morning was not the free burgers and ribs we had for lunch or the bikes and the babes either. What made the Ride To Cure – Ride For Kids fundraiser for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation was the entire day. It was the morning sunshine, it was the wat people from all races and all walks of life came together to support something much bigger than themselves. To support children born with brain tumors and their families.

It was not about the free T-shirt or run pin, it was about the genuineness of everyone involved and most of all the humanity that was manifested in the mood and attitude displayed by all present. In light of recent environ-mental activists who have completely trashed sites where they gathered, the site was as clean as a whistle when we left. Not because volunteers had been picking up trash behind the crowd but because of the crowd being able to carry something as heavy as a napkin to the trash can without having to look for a safe space. Even in the outhouses, it was clean. The floor was dirty from all the boots that tracked in and out but all of the paper was in the trash can. Not all over the floor.

The thing that got me most of all was the heart that went into making the day such a huge success for the children. There was no politics, no racism, and no ANTIFA freaks beating up old people. This year the total donations topped last year’s by over $2,000 as more than $34,000 was collected for the foundation.

Remember, you don’t have to ride a Harley-Davidson to care. You can drive a Slingshot or a Can-Am, or you can follow the procession in your car. You don’t have to ride at all. If you want to you can stay in the parking lot and wait like I did or do some shopping until everyone gets back. No matter how you do it, or where you do it next weekend, Las Vegas, just get out of the house, meet your neighbors, and make some new friends this coming weekend.