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Las Vegas, NV- Nina Presto moved to Las Vegas from the Philippines in 2002. She studied AB Psychology at the University of Perpetual Help system DALTA; a faith-based, coeducational private University located in the Philippines. Although Nina did not pursue the major, her zeal for a deep understanding of effective human relations did not end entirely when she started a licensed childcare in 2010 in the state of Nevada. Nina was also a medical assistant for a brief period prior to becoming a real estate agent. Assisting the needs of others satiate her thirst for being the go-to person that was able to fulfill others needs and in the process boosts her sense of significance in general. However for a single mother, finding another way to provide financially with room for a much wider advancement opportunities that would allow her to stay true to her passion and her core value becomes her goal. Being able to look after other kids and her own daughter at the same time while building her business seems to be reasonable for any parent in her situation. This is when the idea of expanding from daycare to preschool came about not knowing the future that while attending a real estate school in hopes of gaining enough knowledge about purchasing a commercial property for her preschool would be the start of a real estate career. Today, Nina’s goal is to establish herself as the local expert and be a part of the success of her clients by being the reason for achieving their dream home.

In addition, Nina Presto has been a part of the non-profit faith-based organization under the entity of the government 501C3 which allows the donator to the organization to be eligible for filing a tax deduction. The Servant’s of Christ Organization has been dedicated to helping the community since 2011 with a small number of members that consists of churchgoers that are helping each other gather enough funds to feed the homeless by sharing any amount the members can come up with from their own and able to give out.

The goal of the Servant’s of Christ Organization is to spread love and hope through the word of God by following the teachings of Jesus Christ for us to know how to treat others especially the ones in need. This Organization is founded by Doris De Veyra, also a Realtor in Las Vegas. She managed to form this organization and gather everyone with the same purpose and intention to fulfill their calling in life.

There is an outreach mission being held every two weeks that is done in an unconventional way by driving around the Las Vegas streets in their own vehicles and with warm meal and drinks with some clothing to give to the homeless that are already waiting and are lining up since most of them already know the drill. The ministry is welcoming new volunteers without any obligations and are seeking any help from anyone who can lend a hand on their spare time. To learn more about the Servant’s of Christ’s Organization and to see their missions or if you are interested to be a volunteer please visit their website at www.ServantsofChristlv.org.



Nina Presto

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