You’re The Bad Guy



In response to the National School Board Association essentially calling conservative parents “domestic terrorists,” Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents that opposed critical race theory in schools.

doj letter

The Biden Administration is weaponizing the Department of Justice against American parents.

They have made parents out to be the bad guy because they dared to stand up for their children and push back on these failing school boards.

According to the Department of Justice, you’re the bad guy for standing up for your children.

You’re the bad guy while schools teach your children hate and racism.

You’re the bad guy because you want classroom time spent on math and writing, not critical race theory.

We need to do whatever we can to block the Left’s agenda and keep them from reclassifying dissent as “disinformation” and “domestic terrorism.”

Your government is being weaponized against you, and we need to take back the U.S. Senate to stop their progress. I’m running to flip a Senate seat in Arizona, and we can’t take back the Senate if we don’t take back Arizona.

Charles, will you contribute $5 today to help me block the Biden Administrations’ weaponization of the U.S. government?

Thank you,

Blake Masters
Republican for U.S. Senate, Arizona

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