Muppet Journalism is Quite amusing. Almost. If not for the fact that they are a clear and present threat to America. Their goal is to get everyone to believe what they know is wrong is not only right but all that is wrong with the world is your fault while they do the very thing right in front of you. Call it social hypnotism, social engineering, whatever but it’s evil any way you slice it. Because of the color of my chinny-chin-chin, my blond hair, and hazel blue eyes, and supported Trump whom I didn’t vote for in the first place I am informed by liberals in the wingnut media and a few wingnuts in Congress too – @AOC – that I’m a racist terrorist insurrectionist and that I might have incited an erection too. Stay tuned for further developments. My Grandfather was a Spaniard, his ancestors sailed from Castille with Cortez, and stayed in Mexico for 700 years. Grampa’ Ramos’s wife was full-blooded Yaqi Indian, and my Mom was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian. That’s per Ancestry long before they had a dot com. White privilege my ass. I know what it’s like to go to school starving. Who the bloody hell are you calling a white supremacist, and a racial terrorist Nancy Pelosi? You hate everybody. Put me at the top of your list @AOC come at me just you and Maxine Waters or do you lack the power of your violent convictions? You both put social contracts out on your fellow Americans. Those are high crimes. Why did Harris say they shouldn’t stop? That is inciting an erection as Schumer put it so eloquently and that’s a high crime too. Now your Antifa and BLM friends seem to have an erection for you and that’s justice. I know the scope of your crimes and if I know you know who else knows. Judgment day is at hand, and all that implies. The rule of law will prevail and I don’t mean the left-wingnut perverted liberal version of it. The 1776 version. You may quote me.

Chaplain Charles Ramos Jr – Senior Staff Writer at Vegas Valley News dot com