Ward 5 left with uncertain fate as Councilor Ricki Barlow resigns from city council


Video credit goes to the Las Vegas Review-Journal

by Daniel R.C. DeLuca

WINCHESTER, NV — One week has passed since former city councilman Ricki Barlow resigned from office, facing felony corruption charges.  The investigation, which came to a head in 2016 during an FBI raid on Mr. Barlow’s home, will now result in a guilty plea entered by the Ward 5 Councilor.  Ward 5 defined by the Winchester locality, as well as some neighborhoods in Paradise, colloquially known as Downtown Las Vegas.  The area is home to the Arts District, the iconic Stratosphere, a number of historic neighborhoods, and the popular First Friday event.

In a prepared statement issued at City Hall, Barlow said, “I am grateful for and proud of the good that has resulted from my hard work at the Las Vegas City Council.  That good, of course, was made fully possible only by the support, trust, and confidence bestowed upon me over the years by my constituents, by the spirit of public service shown by my colleagues on the Las Vegas City Council, and by the indispensable assistance of my devoted staff.”

Since Barlow’s resignation, the Las Vegas city website has delisted Barlow from the Ward 5 page.  There has not been a decision yet from city council as to whether Barlow will be replaced in a special election or by appointment.  Cedric Crear, regent to the Nevada System of Higher Education, has already announced his candidacy for Barlow’s seat.  The next election for this public office was scheduled for June 4th, 2019.