From Nevada Republican Party on 11.10.2021

Nevada GOP

We made sure to keep you in the loop after Nevada liberal Susie Lee allegedly violated federal House ethics laws by failing to disclose up to $3.3 MILLION worth of stock trades…

And now we have an update on that front – Susie Lee is being INVESTIGATED for this shady behavior after a complaint was filed by a non-partisan ethics watchdog!

Take a look:

Unfortunately, this is a bit of a pattern for “rules for thee, not for me” Susie Lee…

Just days before the initial report of her violations, she was spending the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 at a maskless party with her elite donors – despite her constant lectures for the rest of us about masks!

She also pushed for a change in the federal government’s paycheck protection program, which benefited her husband’s casino company! Denying the obvious conflict of interest.

And now that Lee may have been caught red-handed thinking she was above the rules yet again, we’re glad that investigators are getting down to the bottom of it.

We need leaders in Nevada who don’t view our Congressional seats as shady, get-rich-quick schemes – we need leaders who will put our interests and values first!

If you agree, will you stand with the Nevada Republican Party today and help send temporary Congresswoman Susie Lee packing?

Thank you for the support,

Nevada Republican Party