Our Dear Friend Jim Renacci Writes To Say

From Jim Renacci for Governor on 09.09.2021


– September 9, 2021 –


Campaign Team Brings Together Local, Statewide, and Trump Experience

Cleveland, OH – Since announcing his campaign for governor, former congressman and businessman Jim Renacci has received widespread support from Ohioans across the state looking for true conservative leadership in Columbus. With a grassroots and field operation of over 120 County Captains and 132 motivated volunteers, Renacci has built an advantage on the ground that will utilize a state-of-the-art data program to engage voters and maximize turnout.


·      “Our campaign in just a short amount of time has built a political and data operation that will be second to none,” Renacci said. “Grassroots activists and conservative leaders throughout Ohio have coalesced around this campaign because it will take a fighter with a proven track record to bring change to Columbus.”


Jeff Matthews, Chairman of the Stark County Republican Party, added:


·      “Congressman Renacci has built an impressive political grassroots organization across Ohio that will mobilize hundreds of supporters and volunteers in every county as well as utilize a state-of-the-art data operation to streamline the campaign’s outreach. This massive operation will be unlike anything done previously in Ohio and will ensure every voter knows Jim Renacci’s plan for Ohio and why we need to choose a conservative leader who supports economic prosperity and freedom of choice for all Ohioans.”


Renacci for Governor has also welcomed donations from all across the state from Ohioans of all backgrounds, and from individuals throughout the country who realize Ohio is the bellwether for the conservative movement in 2022. Small dollar donations from everyday Ohioans have accounted for the majority of the campaign’s fundraising, averaging $70 per donation. The campaign will be supported by everyday people who demand change, not entrenched special interest groups who are trying to protect the status quo in Columbus and willing to pay for political favors.


Tens of thousands of Renacci for Governor signs have been shipped out across Ohio and supporters have been proudly displaying their signs and sharing on social media.




The digital operation has grown exponentially since Renacci announced his campaign, resulting in a 71% increase in the campaign’s e-mail house file. The significant progress of the campaign’s online outreach will help mobilize supporters and utilize their enthusiasm for Renacci to build a network of volunteers and donors.


President Trump’s top advisors have also joined the Renacci campaign, indicating the importance of advancing a conservative America First agenda. Renacci was also an early supporter of President Trump in 2016, while others in Ohio instead sided with Never Trump candidates.


Bradley Parscale, President Trump’s Digital and Media Director in 2016 and Campaign Manager in 2020, has joined the team and built an organizational apparatus that will be driven by data and real-time analysis to ensure voters are informed and engaged, and the campaign’s message is successfully delivered.


  • “Jim Renacci is the only conservative choice in Ohio and his record of achieving significant victories for the America First movement while in Congress is undeniable,” Parscale said. “Ohioans know a RINO when they see one, which is why we need new leadership and a new governor.”


Over a dozen Trump campaign and Administration veterans have joined Renacci for Governor in senior roles, proving why Jim Renacci is the only candidate who can bring real change to Columbus and disrupt the status quo just like President Trump did.

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