North Las Vegas Police Department releases doves in memory of officer.

Heavenly doves preparing for release
Releasing of the doves in memory of Detective Parque
Mrs. Parque and her daughter
The North Las Vegas Police Department family, and friends showing support for Miss. Parque and daughter

North Las Vegas, NV- Cold gloomy and raining The North Las Vegas Police Department released white doves in memory of fallen Detective Chad Parque at 2:00 pm. Chad Parque was a 32 year old family man and a 10 year veteran of the force. Detective Parque passed away Saturday morning from a car accident, leaving behind a wife and child. He came to work everyday wanting to make a difference, and made sure he was part of that positivity. The North Las Vegas police Department, family, and friends all gathered in memory to support Miss Parque and her daughter. The heavenly doves were then released and a spiritual blessing was offered to Mrs. Parque from the dove releasers for the closure of Detective Parque’s passing ending the memorial service peacefully and honorably.