Lyft Host Drivers’ Arts Event

Las Vegas, NV- Lyft recently hosted an arts event for Lyft drivers in Las Vegas. The event was a t-shirt design contest using different colored Lyft logos. This was held at their Las Vegas office at 7255 S Tenaya Way #300A, Las Vegas, NV 89113. It was well organized starting from registration, handing out of raffle tickets, and giving out of prizes. There were lots of fun activities for drivers and their guests to enjoy, the popular were the photo booth, and wacky Poloroid photo session.

In addition, they served food, specially prepared deviled eggs, skewered vegetable, mushroom with chicken, and fresh cold fruit drinks served from the Lyft Airstream.

The highlight of the afternoon was the large VEGAS letters, which was decorated by all the attendees using different art mediums. Adults and young kids enjoyed expressing their inner artist.


Hundreds of artworks were submitted by Lyft drivers from Las Vegas. But only 7 artworks were chosen. Below are the finalist of the t-shirt  design contest, they are on display at the Lyft headquarter, only 2 of the designs were awarded as winners and was printed  on actual t-shirts for the attendees of the event to take home as a limited edition souvenir.


The winning t-shirt designs came from Lyft drivers Kenneth Iacoviello and Juan Cova. This event was sponsored by LYFT, Absinthe Show and Mix It Up Gallery. We look forward to the next Lyft event in Las Vegas.  For more information about Lyft visit