Herschel Walker Writes: Your Problems Haven’t Even Begun

  • REPUBLICAN SENATE HQ <info@itsourgreatamerica.com>
    Wed, Oct 6 at 11:46 AM




    It’s not often that we see $6 trillion written numerically – though doesn’t it make more of a statement than $6 trillion or $6T?

    Our growing national debt is on course to bankrupt the country – and despite not having anything close to a mandate to pass legislation (read: an enactment of European style welfare) which would cost upwards of $6,000,000,000,000 – President Biden is doing everything we can to remake American society with bare minimum majorities.

    Are you going to step up and help us hold them accountable for their complete lack of self-control?

    Senior Democrats in Washington are completely fine piling on more debt to achieve their ambitious goals – they aren’t going to have to deal with the consequences!

    If Biden and Schumer get their way, they’ll be adding 6,000 billion – $6 trillion – to the national debt in the 9 months since taking control of Washington.

    Fellow patriot, Biden and Schumer are going to jam these bills through. TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY.

    Can you imagine how much trouble we’re going to be in if we fail to take back the United States Senate and put a stop to Democrats’ out-of-control spendapalooza?

    We’re witnessing firsthand what happens when a man who has spent his entire career as a politician becomes president of the United States.

    We’ve got to wake up to the crisis at hand. Democrats are emailing their supporters non-stop, and they’re raising massive amounts of cash to protect their razor-thin Senate majority.

    We’re never going to stop asking you for help because our country is too darn important to give up when the going gets tough. You’ve been really hard to reach – and we’re hopeful that this email will finally get your attention.

    If Republicans fail to take back the Senate next November, receiving emails from us on a daily basis is going to be the least of your worries.

    Help us stop Senate Democrats from bankrupting the country.

    We’re counting on you.

    Senate Republicans