Hearst Foundations Awards UNLV and Nevada Medical Center $100,000 Grant to Curb Mental Health Issues in Nevada

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 03, 2018) The UNLV School of Community Health Sciences, in collaboration with the Nevada Medical Center (NMC), has been awarded a $100,000 grant from Hearst Foundations to continue its efforts to curb the mental health issues among youth as identified in NMC’s 2018 Healthcare Report Card.

Dedicated to tracking year over year changes to key indicators of the overall health of Nevada citizens, NMC’s Healthcare Report Card provides healthcare practitioners, community leaders, and government officials with the data needed to help them understand the state’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

“One of the areas where a healthcare challenge has been identified is the critical need to address the suicide rate among adolescents,” said Julie Murray, President of Nevada Medical Center. “The grant awarded to UNLV and NMC by the Hearst Foundations will allow us to establish an evidence-based suicide prevention curriculum for eighth and ninth graders within Clark County School District.”

According to UNLV’s Children’s Research and Policy Institute , Nevada’s age adjusted suicide rate is 50% higher than the national average. The problem is affecting Nevada’s children.  Since 1999, 368 youth aged 10-19 committed suicide in the state and is now considered an epidemic in Southern Nevada.

“This program developed in collaboration with UNLV’s School of Community Health Sciences is designed to benefit a targeted adolescent population; establish, strengthen and renew partnerships between healthcare professionals, policy makers, and community leaders,” said Murray. “Nevada Medical Center is using data to solve the healthcare problems our state is currently facing.”

In addition to mental health, the Healthcare Report Card also focuses on addressing health care access, chronic disease, nutrition and activity, and substance abuse.

“It is my sincere hope that the latest release of the Nevada Healthcare Report Card will serve as a call to action to improve our personal health and make improvements to the healthcare system throughout Nevada,” said Dr. Shawn Gerstenberger, Dean of the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences. “The report card has fundamentally evolved our ability to identify and protect high risk individuals and populations from the greatest threats to their health and wellbeing by developing and implementing targeted strategies to improve outcomes, conditions and access to needed services.”

About Nevada Medical Center
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