Greetings sports fans and welcome to a beautiful Monday morning here in lovely Las Vegas. Today’s weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies,  and breezy with a high temperature of 108 degrees. That means it is going to be hot.

Tonight at 5 pm PST the puck will drop on game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals in Washington D.C. as the Las Vegas Golden Knights face off again against the Capitals on their home ice.

Meanwhile here in Las Vegas where many fans are surely going to gather together in front of T-Mobile Arena to watch the game on the Jumbo-tron, or whatever they’re styling a huge TV these days, on the face of the arena itself. (Which is pretty cool BTW)

This morning the Knights have announced that the arena is going to open its doors to the general public this afternoon at 3:30 for any and all who wish to attend. There is no admission cost but all seats are on a first come first serve basis only. If it should happen that there’s not enough seating to accommodate the demand it is safe to assume that the management at T-Mobile Arena will still be showing the game outside as well for just such an event.

In related news a segment aired by Las Vegas News channel 3 on Sunday night and which is slated to air in full at 4:00 pm this evening one Golden Knight’s wife stated to their reporter that they were having so much fun that they might like to do this again next year. Meanwhile James Neal’s girlfriend said she would be just fine with them staying until August.

While this is a perfect chance to say I told you so I am far too much of a gentleman to say I told you so in my open letter to the Golden Knights regarding their snubbing this news venue because they don’t need us.

I won’t make an issue of the fact that Las Vegas is nothing more than a venue for the players who want the Stanley Cup only for themselves or that to them it could just as easily have been on the moon for all they care about the location versus their getting a chance to play in the NHL. One that they might not have gotten from any other team. Nope not me no. Karma takes care of its own.

If you are planning on attending the viewing party at T-Mobile Arena be sure and stay hydrated and take along plenty of water just in case you find yourself watching from outside. Locals surely know but our guests may not, how quickly one can be overcome by a heat stroke and that’s a deadly scenario that nobody wishes to see.

Smart money says take along an umbrella or a parasol and you’ll always have it made in the shade. Even if it rains.