Flu season slows after ravaging Las Vegas

Walgreen’s Flu Index shows Nevada as mildly affected by 2018’s influenza outbreak. Source: walgreens.maps.arcgis.com

By Daniel R.C. DeLuca

LAS VEGAS, NV — Last week’s flu epidemic seems to be dying down in the Vegas Valley, according to the Walgreens Flu Index.  Previously in January, Las Vegas made news after being ranked as the second most infected city in the country.  Since the beginning of January, the state of Nevada ranks 40th in the country.

This season’s strain of influenza has proven especially deadly for children and the elderly.  The Center for Disease Control reports that another 16 children were claimed by the virus during the last week in January; this season’s outbreak is now competing nationwide with the 2015 outbreak in terms of severity.

Although Las Vegas was particularly affected this year, the Walgreens Flu Index indicates that local hotspots have mostly migrated to areas in southern and eastern Texas.  The CDC also made mention that 51.4 per 100,000 Americans have been admitted to hospitals for this strain since this beginning of the season.