Drug deal in quiet apartment complex leads to homicide

Drug deal in quiet apartment complex leads to homicide

By Daniel R.C. DeLuca

January 31, 2018

SPRING VALLEY, NV – An unidentified 25 year old male has become the victim of a gunshot wound at the Enclaves apartment complex near Sahara Avenue and Durango Drive, apparently the result of an aborted narcotics purchase.  Th preliminary investigation suggests the time of death occurred at 6:10 this evening. At this time the only witness to the murder was a friend of the victim, who reportedly remained in his vehicle during the drug deal.  Lieutenant Isaac Auten described the suspect as “a black male, 25 to 30,” who was seen running westbound through the complex.

“For a homicide investigation, when you have one witness who is cooperative, that’s usually the quickest way to solve the case,” Lt. Auten clarified in concern to the sole witness, who will not be charged with a crime despite being party to the sale of narcotics.

Lt. Auten also indicated that the events leading up to the homicide may have involved a robbery.  In a release to the press, police informed the media that the Enclaves have been quiet in terms of crime.  Anyone with information in regards to this crime is encouraged to call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s non-emergency line at 311.