Chinese Company Huya Shares Steps Taken to Limit COVID-19 Spread

Offers Suggestions for Companies Still in Early Stage of Pandemic


GUANGZHOU, ChinaMarch 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Following three months of pandemic quarantine, China recently announced no new cases of COVID-19. The US, meanwhile, just rounded out week one of the pandemic as public and private bodies grapple with how to respond. Today, leading game live streaming platform Huya shares tips based on its experience in China for US companies beginning to implement pandemic policies.

Huya’s virus outbreak strategy included:

  • Implementing immediate precautions in excess of government regulation, such as providing masks for every employee. This supported efforts to limit the spread of the virus physically, and raised awareness internally regarding the seriousness with which the company approached the pandemic. This also increased employee trust during a difficult time.
  • Strongly recommending employees limit travel, even during Chinese New Year – a popular travel holiday. This recommendation limited employees’ exposure to possible infectees and supported government mandates to limit infection and cross-contamination.
  • Closing the office fully during the peak two weeks of the outbreak. When work resumed, Huya immediately implemented flexible work-from-home policies and staggered work schedules to “peak shifting,” working from Saturday-Wednesday instead of Monday-Friday. Combined, these efforts limited contagion risk for employees and eased strain on public transportation systems.
  • Donating 10 million RMB toward educating the public about coronavirus prevention, and encouraging broadcasters and talent agency partners to contribute as well. These pro bono services included online tutorial streaming for coronavirus prevention, charity music shows to support relief efforts, and streaming services for educational institutions.
  • Leveraging Huya’s platform and relationships with content creators to conduct public outreach and provide income to creators. This helped ease the financial burden of quarantine on Huya’s network of content creators, and produced accurate informational material to keep the public broadly informed.

“When we became aware of the outbreak we immediately implemented precautionary measures to protect our employees and increase our service to users streaming from home,” said Huya CEO Rongjie Dong. “As a result, to date none of our employees have been infected. By sharing the steps we took to raise awareness for the public, support relief efforts and limit the spread of the virus, we hope to provide a benchmark for other companies located in countries experiencing an earlier stage of the pandemic. Our message is one of solidarity; by supporting content creators, educating users and protecting your employees you will successfully emerge from this crisis.”

About Huya

HUYA Inc. is a leading game live streaming platform in China with a large and active game live streaming community. The Company cooperates with e-sports event organizers, as well as major game developers and publishers, and has developed e-sports live streaming as one of the most popular content genres on its platform. The Company has created an engaged, interactive and immersive community for game enthusiasts of China’s young generation. Building on its success in game live streaming, Huya has also extended its content to other entertainment content genres. Huya’s open platform also functions as a marketplace for broadcasters and talent agencies to congregate and closely collaborate with the Company.