Book Review: Exile on Front Street: Revelations From A Rebel Rider

George Christie is a crusader for freedom and fulfillment of offered opportunities. Surely, society identifies this soldier solely as a Hells Angel. Presidency played a part for thirty three years. Then in 2011, George gave up club leadership to captain his own life charter. He maintains a new life mission, however, his overall makeup is still one of an “outlaw”.

Exile on Front Street: My Life As A Hells Angel and Beyond is a dark, deep novel of non- fiction detailing Christies’ various life and love choices. He seems to shed a constant and clear illumination upon the history and inferred hypocrisy of the Hells Angels. One of the more positives to these prose are random and reoccurring revelations about his character and charisma. Add in an abundance of heartwarming and hilarious apologues, and this becomes a must, not maybe, memoir to treasure.

Repeated readings of this tale by said reviewer was a pleasurable perk to my profession. I initiated with the intent of discovering if this man wore a mask of fact or fiction. Was he bitter from the battles or tamed by truth’s discovery? Although one’s own assertions will arise from a fresh read, I can provide a personal peek at my final findings.

One main motivator for this man was finding and fitting in the right role. Bestowed with a respect for women and the road, George sifts from school to surfboard; corner office to clubhouse. His search for self finds him climbing an atypical hierarchy. The portrayal on paper of Christie is somewhat unparalleled to the “typical” Hells Angel. Easy going and un-enthusiastic about weapons; light on the drugs and drinking. His deep desire for freedom and fun, riding and reverence to his country appear as singular similarities to alternative associates. Interestingly, he is persistent in presenting a true distrust of authority, yet respects certain gents of that same cloth. Within these written pages, you see his crusade to capture a loyal and loving partner twice in his lifetime. You learn of the rigorous rules Christie chose to follow and foster as a patch, then as a President. You will find out how his band of blood brothers eventually evolved into strangers versus supporters. Watch how the consequences of a chosen lifestyle hand him ongoing omissions in income, identity and an unrelated, unlikely burial of his own boy. George Christie is a sinner in the eyes of many, with a penance paid up through present day. George Christie represented what society labels as a criminal of our culture, imprisoned by the burdens of one’s heart. George Christie is also allegiant in ways to the same world which brought about a betrayal. Lastly, George Christie is to be taken and trusted on his own terms. No mask to be found; rather a mirror to a man whose traveled roads were both tender and tumultuous.

There are myriads of men and women who question the level of honesty and honor carried by Christie. He served his country, club and children on the blind faith they all would be truthful and trustworthy. Walk in blindly and buy the book – then decide if you are a canonist or a cynic.

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