Greetings sports fans and welcome back for another action-packed episode of Vegas Valley Sports beat the sparky little sports column that dares to ask the questions you want answers to, and stuff. For instance, much ado has been made in recent times about the absence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on social media because nobody had seen a recent photograph of her. Now that I think about it I have not seen a photograph of Big Foot in years. I hope he’s all right.

But it is a hot August Saturday here in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley region of Nevada and a great day to drink plenty of water. Keeping in mind that beer does not count as water and will in fact either dehydrate you faster or get you a DWI if not both. You have to admire the wisdom of vampires in one regard if for nothing else. Sleep all day and flitter about all night when it is much cooler. Especially on a Summertime Saturday night in Las Vegas. Genius.

I first saw Las Vegas from the Strip in 1976 when I was 13-years old and we were driving cross-country from California to Arkansas. I was at the wheel when my Mom who had been saying we were not going to Las Vegas suddenly decided yes we were going to Las Vegas just as the last exit off of Route 66 was coming up. After driving across a 96 mile stretch of nothing but barren desert landscape we came in sight of the lights of Las Vegas and it was indescribable. I could not believe we were there but within minutes we arrived on the Strip and I went to Circus Circus to invade the arcade while Mom and my little brother stayed at the Gold Nugget.  I still love Circus Circus and seeing Las Vegas from above at night is always a good thing.

Speaking of jungles, let us turn our attention now to the review of the movie, Serengeti. I watched in on a large screen 4G TV 2 days ago and the images are still vivid in my mind. The whole movie is, in a word, phenomenal. I was set on watching Pennyworth but because there were 5 people watching I put on Serengeti instead. From the opening shot to the very last frame of the movie it was like a cinematic Genie was released from a magical camera where it has been waiting for someone to open it like this and we were treated to movie magic. My friend’s 94-year-old Grandmother who is frail was enchanted by it from the look on her face and I can relate.

That it was a wonderful film was a unanimous 4-0 decision by everyone else watching it and I heartily agree, it was spectacular to watch. I was so enchanted by this movie that the word transfixed really does not quite do the spellbinding effect of this feature-length film justice. I was literally on the edge of my seat most of the time without realizing it.

The lions played their part majestically though I felt they were a bit too prideful at times, and the water buffaloes give a bully performance as soaring as that of the vultures. Every creature has a part to play so that even the warthogs look gorgeous covered in mud and mongooses. but it’s hilarious that of all the amazing on-screen talent everyone was upstaged by a baby elephant trying to keep his feet in the mud. He had our house rolling with laughter but they were all great performances and beautiful actors. Except for hyenas, the hyenas are creeps.

See lions on this Kenyan safari from Groupon Getaways. He thinks he is handsome.... Jokes: A hyena appears to find something hilarious in a shot capture by Yaron Schmid in the Serengeti, Tanzania, in February

I sincerely love this movie and highly recommend it for those who love animals, the beauty of unspoiled nature, animals, or who just love a great film, Serengeti is suitable for children of all ages.

For the writers, storyline, narrative, cinematography, music, message, for the animals, for the priceless images of the heart-breakingly beautiful Serengeti, and for having gone the extra mile as they so obviously did I give the movie Serengeti a 10.5 across the board and stand in salute to applaud them for this instant classic. Bravo ladies, gentlemen, and lions alike. I’m just a working film festival judge but I believe, and the referees agree, it deserves an Academy Award for Best In Show, paws down.


Special thanks to the producers of Serengeti and to Lego for the use of their images and for whom all rights are reserved and protected.