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PRETRACTOR: Misleading AP Article DEFAMES Pfizer Insider Story

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Dear Charles,

The Mainstream Media has done its absolute best to ignore Project Veritas’ #CovidVaxExposed series in the last month.

However, in the few occasions they did cover those stories, they did so to mislead the public.

The Associated Press [AP] is a great example – they downplayed Pfizer Insider Melissa Strickler’s story revealing internal emails between Pfizer executives that stated: “we have tried really hard not to share” that  “one or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program…”

The AP did so by using a “straw man” argument to claim that it was FALSE that fetal cells are in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

You can watch my response to AP’s “journalism” here:

Here is what the AP published as a result of Veritas’ Pfizer whistleblower video:

Allow me to summarize just how ridiculous this is.

In the same article, AP is stating that there is a “claim” about Pfizer’s COVID vaccine containing fetal cells based upon leaked emails to Project Veritas, but then says the “facts” show that the Veritas video only covered “fetal cell line when testing the efficacy” of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

They’re fact checking a NON-ISSUE. Or worse, they’re fact checking random social media comments and trying to say Project Veritas is to blame for people’s interpretations of our reporting. Truly…our so-called news media is broken beyond repair.

The article writer, Angelo Fichera, received the following letter from Veritas attorneys as a result of this nonsense:

Isn’t it funny how these reporters think so highly of themselves, but are unable to perform the most basic obligation in journalism? How do they get away with not reaching out to me or Project Veritas for comment before publishing this story?

The only plausible explanation I can think of is that they already had a preset narrative to run with, and they feared that getting comment from us would be detrimental to their narrative.

You may also be asking, why does this matter?

Here is my answer:

An individual on Instagram messaged Fox 10 Phoenix asking them why the Pfizer whistleblower story was not being covered on their station.

Fox 10 Phoenix responded with a link to this “fact check” and told the individual that they were “fooled by the internet.”


They created a “straw man” argument that enabled other outlets to pile on to their misleading piece and attack Project Veritas.

Here’s the only problem they weren’t ready for: Project Veritas fights back.

We will not let these lies about us become normalized. We will NEVER allow propaganda to defeat the truth.

Stay tuned as our battle against these sorts of attacks from the establishment is just beginning…

In Veritas,


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