A concise account of the spree killer targeting Las Vegas’s sleeping homeless

By Daniel R.C. DeLuca

Las Vegas has a new spree killer in town, and he is still at large.  As more details emerge about the man who has been viciously slaying homeless victims in downtown Las Vegas, it is clear that this individual is becoming increasingly brazen and violent.

The killer has attacked five victims, four of whom were homeless males.  Two of these victims have survived but have not provided public details concerning the incidents.  The first victim, who survived, was shot once at a convenience station in Logandale.  According to a police report issued Thursday, the latest victim (Michael Hadley, 25) was found in Cold Creek but possibly resided on the corner of Charleston Boulevard and Bruce Street.

After the first attack on January 29th, the suspect murdered Brian Clegg at the Rancho Discount Mall around 3 AM that morning.   Later in the morning, another homeless man was shot in the face at Washington Avenue and Veteran’s Memorial Highway.  The morning of February 2nd opened with the murder of James Lewis under the 14th Street overpass.  Video footage of the shooting shows the suspect as a six-foot tall Caucasian or Hispanic man, driving a light silver or gray Hyundai Tuscon.

By triangulating the locations of the attacks, a hunting zone centered on the iconic Fremont Street and surrounding neighborhoods becomes readily apparent.

According to Captain Robert Plummer during a statement to the press, “After killing two people and shooting two others, if he isn’t [a serial killer], he’s well on his way to becoming one.”  The FBI’s definition of a serial killer describes the murder of three or more victims with regular hiatuses.