I will always stand for life

From Burgess Owens on 06.10.2021
Nancy Pelosi’s abortion-on-demand bill is morally abhorrent. The legislation put forth would allow abortions based on sex, genetic diagnosis, and up until birth.
This is the same abortion standard from the communist parties in China and North Korea.
The unborn are blessed with inherent dignity by God. They are Americans that are entitled to their constitutional rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The radical left’s anti-life agenda goes against everything we believe in as Americans. Much like with those already born, the left wants to strip the unborn of their rights and enforce government control.
Children are the future of America, discarding their lives so carelessly is morally repugnant.
I have always fought for the lives of the unborn in Congress, but with Republicans as a slim minority; only so much can be done. I’m asking for your support. Can I count on your support, to help me retake the House and stand for life?
For Utah,
Burgess Owens
Burgess Owens for Congress | PO Box 993Riverton, UT 84065