$1 Billion Dollars Mega Millions the Largest in US History

Primm, NV- What will you do if you have $1 billion dollars? We drove an hour down the US 15 Southbound Freeway to California border town called Primm this morning  to purchase our lottery tickets for a chance to win in tonight’s biggest lottery jackpot in US history. When we arrived at the lotto outlet, which was located at the parking lot  of the popular Primm Premium Outlet Stores, the line was literally all the way from the other side of the parking lot.  I had to line up together with other Nevadans who made their hour commute this morning  to purchase lottery tickets  for a chance to win the biggest lottery jackpot, this is the closest lottery outlet location outside of  Las Vegas.

There are other lottery outlets located in Arizona, and California but they are further away compared to this location. While waiting in line I met a lot of  locals who made the commute and trip this morning. We shared in the experience of lining up for hours in the middle of the day under the heat of the sun. At least it’s a beautiful day outside with 80 degree weather with no humidity. The outlet was prepared for the massive amount of people coming in today. They installed outdoor portable toilets and hired additional security guards to watch the entrance and exits.

The local news outlet’s helicopter was hovering above the store covering this historic event with over hundreds of men, women and children young and old waiting patiently.  While in line we talked about our plans if we win the $1 billion jackpot this Friday evening. This will definitely change someone’s life forever. Some said they will get the lump sum amount  of around $500 million instead of an installment of the whole money. Other people said they will quit their day jobs and just travel around the world. I would also quit my day job and hire a finance planner to plan out my retirement for the rest of my life. Probably invest in stocks and properties. I would be able to pay off all my depts and start of fresh.

Come down to Primm Premium Outlets today  to purchase your Mega Millions lottery ticket for a chance to win in tonight’s October 19, 2018 $1 Billion dollars lottery jackpot.