Take your taste buds on a sweet ride with SUSHISAMBA’s new dessert menu. New offerings include honey toast, pavlova and the green tea crunch bar. Pair it up with an after dinner drink and explore the wide selection of Japanese whiskey.


Located in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Palazzo, SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas features dramatic 16-foot ceilings that create a soaring atrium housing the main restaurant space.

The Carnaval-inspired design is anchored by an oversized art installation, a three-dimensional illustration of swirling “ribbons” that explode from the center of the room and wrap their way around eating spaces, winding around the sushi bar and lounge and evoking a feeling of movement and dynamism. Artful projections move continuously throughout the space on scrims and walls, with visuals featuring the colors, flavors, and cultures of Japan, Brazil, and Peru.

SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas was designed by ICRAVE, an award-winning design firm with deep roots in the hospitality industry.