New in Vegas: YOBO Shabu Shabu

Las Vegas, Nevada- YOBO Shabu Shabu recently opened in Chinatown, replacing the former shabu shabu spot, Swish. They’ve combined two concepts in one: Ramen and Shabu Shabu. You could say they have the best of both world.

On this particular day, I opted for Shabu Shabu. My choices were the beef sampler which comes with brisket, chuck and rib eye with their dashi kombu broth. As for sauces, I went with ponzu sauce and dipping egg. It also came with a side of white rice and a bowl filled with vegetables and udon. For $15.80 (before tax), portion is generous.

Shabu shabu- dip the thinly cut meat in broth for few seconds, dip in sauce then eat! The entire process is fun, not to mention the tasty hot pot. Ponzu sauce had somewhat overpowering citrus flavor which went well with vegetables while meat went well with the dipping egg. Dipping egg is raw egg, and is highly recommended with sukiyaki broth.

I decided to try my friend’s miso broth, which was subtle and comforting. I’d get this next time, perhaps in the spicy version. Lots of meat, vegetable, broth and sauce options makes me eager to explore the menu more. Can’t wait to be back again soon and hopefully try their ramen!