New in Vegas: NURO Bistro


Las Vegas, NV- I don’t know much about Hainan chicken but through a quick Google search, I learned that Hainan chicken rice is a dish originally from Hainan province in China. Concept is simple: rice, poached chicken and dipping sauces.

Recently stopped by the newly opened NURO Bistro in Spring Valley after seeing them on Hot & New on Yelp. They specialize in Hong Kong style Hainan chicken but also offer noodle soups and small side dishes like chicken wings and pig ears. Started out our lunch with Nuro chicken wings which comes with 6 crispy chicken wings and dipping sauce. Chicken wing was good as is, but the highlight of this dish is their homemade cilantro + garlic + vinegar sauce. It was so addicting! Once I dipped the chicken wing in there, I was unstoppable. One bite after another…and please forget about double-dipping rule. Triple-dipping is the way to go with this addicting homemade sauce.

Just as I was devouring the chicken wings as if I haven’t eaten for days, my order of Nuro Hainan chicken rice was brought out. Poached chicken served with house soy sauce, ginger scallion sauce and spicy Nuro sauce. All sauces pairs perfectly with chicken but I must say their ginger scallion sauce was the best of all.

Needless to say, I will be back. Service was great throughout the dining experience. Owners takes great passion and pride in each dish and it shines through. NURO Bistro is a great addition to Vegas food scene and I am looking forward to their grand opening!



NURO Bistro: 4255 S Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147

IG: @nurobistro