Let the Good Times Roll- Ice Land Vegas

Las Vegas, NV- Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Ice cream comes in all shapes and variations- on a stick, in a tub, cup, gelato, sorbet….and the list goes on. All are beautiful, but I have recently discovered that ice cream is even more amazing when it’s rolled. Rolled ice cream is Thai-style dessert and is growing in popularity here in Las Vegas.

I decided to stop by newly opened rolled ice cream shop called Ice Land, on this unusually warm winter day. They offer wide variety of flavors and toppings. There are pre-selected options as well as custom option where you can make it your way. I opted for Gold Digger which is Thai tea base with lychee mix-in, lychee topping and condensed milk drizzled. I decided to substitute the lychee topping for mochi. Thai tea base is subtly sweet, and I was pleasantly surprised that thai tea flavor and lychee complemented each other.

I also decided to get Death b4 Decaf which is coffee base with chocolate chip and graham cracker mix-in, as well as Kit kat and caramel sauce drizzle. Coffee base has a nice espresso flavor, smoky and rich. Chocolate chip, graham cracker and Kit kat adds the perfect amount of sweetness to it. Great combo. These rolled ice cream are made by order using fresh ingredients, poured onto the cold plate and rolled into five to six perfectly beautiful and delicious rolls of ice cream.


Let the good times roll…. at Ice Land (1000 S Rampart Blvd., Ste 15, Las Vegas, NV 89145)