Mott 32 will celebrate Hong Kong’s culture and culinary traditions with the debut of their first restaurant in the United States, scheduled to open on The Palazzo casino floor in December.
Mott 32 will convey a farm-to-table cooking style led by Group Executive Chef Man-Sing Lee – a two-Michelin star chef in his previous role – and Vegas-based Head Chef Alan Ji. The culinary team prides themselves by sourcing the finest ingredients to showcase the Cantonese, Szechuan, and Beijing cultures. Signature dishes include applewood roasted Peking Duck with Mott 32’s “Signature Cut,” barbecue pluma Iberico Pork glazed with yellow mountain honey, Iberico pork with soft quail egg and black truffle siu mai and crispy triple cooked wagyu beef short ribs.
Overseen by renowned interior designer Joyce Wang, Mott 32’s design dares to be different and will pay tribute to the history of Las Vegas by showcasing dining tables made out of vintage roulette wheels, a chandelier adorned with a feather boa, neon signs, and more. Wang, who oversaw the designs in Mott 32’s Hong Kong and Vancouver locations, won the “World Interior of the Year” award for Mott 32’s Hong Kong outlet.