GreenBroz, Inc. Announces the Launch of it’s Future-Proof Cannabis Industry Dry Trimming Machine

The Model M elevates the dry trimming machine with unique patented features


SAN DIEGOApril 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GreenBroz, Inc. has launched the Model M Dry Trimmer, their largest and most high-efficiency automated harvesting machine to date.

Designed to be gentle on the product, quiet to operate and easy to clean the Model M will process 8-12 pounds of cannabis per hour.


“We are proud to offer a machine of this caliber to our customers,” said Cullen Raichart, Chief Executive Officer at GreenBroz, Inc. “The Model M represents our dedication to developing engineering solutions that solve real-world problems for our customers.”

“When designing the Model M we wanted to create an elegant, efficient, top-of-the-line machine that incorporates the best materials for the job,” said Kevin Bower, GreenBroz Lead Engineer. “The outer shell is one piece of steel, which makes it strong and easy to clean. We perfected the patented guide fins to ensure final product quality, and incorporated an emergency stop switch into the design as an added safety measure.”

The patented blade and guide fin design features surgical-grade stainless steel, allowing gentle rolling of the flower, maintaining potency, the cannabinoid profile and the shape of the flower while ensuring product purity and compliance.

“We pride ourselves on bag appeal, meaning no crows feet, no stems, and tons of trichomes,” said Matthew Stafford, Director of Operations at The Clinic. “The quality and efficiency of the Model M is unparalleled.”

The Model M is future-proof, in that it meets or exceeds current industry standards, so customers can feel confident that they will not need to replace their machines as regulations are rolled out. Construction of all parts of the machine that have direct contact with flower are food-grade, surgical 316 stainless steel ensuring compliance and increasing resistance to corrosion and bacterial growth. All outer parts are 304 stainless steel.

“The cleanability of the Model M is an  important feature. It’s stainless top-to-bottom, and all the small pieces are easy to pull out, clean, and sanitize between batches,” said Sarah Dembosky, DTCP Manager at The Clinic. “As far as microbials go, it’s so important and the ease of disassembly and assembly is absolutely key when you’re running a large operation.”

The electrical control panel is UL listed in the U.S., cUL listed in Canada and CE listed in Europe. Featuring quick-release cables, the control panel is completely removable for cleaning.  The motors feature ip66 pressure housing to allow complete high-pressure wash down of the entire unit. The Model M can easily be configured to be compatible with international power specifications.

The Model M and all GreenBroz machines are manufactured exclusively in the U.S. and parts on every machine are 99.9 percent recyclable. The unit is priced at $16,800.00.


About GreenBroz, Inc.

GreenBroz, Inc. provides industry-leading automated harvesting solutions to the legal cannabis industry. Veteran owned, and committed to fine American craftsmanship, top-of-the-line machine engineering, and exceptional customer service, GreenBroz is helping small, medium and large-scale cultivators reach their own version of the American dream. All GreenBroz equipment is American made at our San Diego and Las Vegas manufacturing facilities. With retail partners on 4 continents, GreenBroz makes it easy to meet your equipment needs. For more information visit

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