Short Film “The Waiting Room” Is Flying Through the Film Festival Circuit

It is within the idea of death that we as humans discover we are without control of our determined destiny. Powerless to alter the eventual end that our physical bodies will be unexpectedly bequeathed. Although we are unable to adjust our exact expiration, we can choose how we accept the process and eventual passing. This is the core subject of a twelve-minute short story named ”The Waiting Room”.

Debra Markowitz serves as both stage director and screenwriter for this moving and melancholy motion picture. Markowitz utilizes her unique and uncanny ability to hear, and then help, spiritual beings to bring their wise words to the screen. She regularly and routinely casts actors who embody and enmesh their entire selves into her short films of fun and fantasy.

Case in point, the three leads in this homage to heavenly love and hellish loss fully espouse their scripted selves in all means and mannerisms. Ciarán Sheehan spearheads the male spouse role of Tim, who finds himself torn between his prior and present partner. Sheehan swiftly and sharply conveys a character forced to face a recent reality – to move forward with fate, one must find peace with their past. He is a bundle of energy, emotion and enthusiasm on screen that surely will captivate any cinema goer’s attention. The two lead loves in his life are chock full of fizzle and fervor, confused by their new surroundings and scenarios. Assigned to actress Jennifer Jiles is the role of Janet, who has held steadfast to her devotion and dedication to Tim, even during her posthumous period. Jiles brings forth real ardor for the reunion, and actual agony over their eventual ending – signs of a strongly competent and clever starlet. Ann is a pure pistol, protective and pushy – all acted out by the gracious and good-natured Heather O’Scanlon. It is obvious O’Scanlon desires to deliver a character stuck between confusion and clear fear, and she does so in a most enticing manner. Sitting in supporting roles are Justin L. Wilson and Noelle Yatauro, who act as hilarious and heavenly messengers to this menage a trois. Each entertainer is largely lighthearted, lending laughter to situations where life has laid sadness. Both are necessary to the story, as they are reminder roles to people that peace is always possible. The film in and of itself is one small love letter from the heavens to humans.

The Waiting Room took home a total of three nominations at the Art is Alive Film Festival. They are as follows: Best Director, Best Dramatic Short Film, and Best Female Actor in a Short or Feature Film (Jennifer Jiles). For further information on the film, please visit the website at: