Short Film “Lou” Teaches Us a Lesson in Love and Loss

Frequently in the entertainment industry, movies are made to entertain and engage audiences by direct usage of deep and dramatic content. In some cases, this is drawn from personal and painful experiences. Such is the sad scenario set for the short film “Lou“, created by twelve-time film director Miguel Garzon Martinez. Martinez selects seven as his signature style, in that the film is seven minutes long, played out lovingly by seven actors. The story itself revolves around an untimely tragedy and how we as humans are programmed to behave during this battle. The audience will watch as the cast experiences confusion and concern, as well as sorrow and sympathy. It is a visual tour of the traditional steps to peace, mixed in with a little mayhem and misunderstanding.

Movie goers will first glance upon the lead actor, Ed, who appears lost and largely heavy hearted as he arrives home to his NYC apartment.  Delineated to be best to envelop the role of Ed is Pete Dorton, seasoned stage and screen actor. Dorton takes on this task with an abundance of passion, filling his character with pain and perturbation. Anyone can feel his agony, as his vivid visual reactions really resonate to the viewers. Rounding out this ensemble are his seemingly strange friends who make some futile attempts to soften his heart sting. The performers picked to stand in support of Dorton are nothing short of hilarious, and honestly, bring some necessary levity to a largely sad scenario. Further, they are a correctly casted counterbalance to our dear Ed, who seems trapped in his own desperation and despair.

To put it plainly, this is a love story that starts and ends in sadness. It is true and touching, and it will be a battle to control a bit of crying. The primary point of Lou is simply this: loss is a process that is without a set time frame nor cookie cutter coping fashion. Find your way, then facilitate your own inner peace.

Lou was named as Best Dramatic Short Film at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival. For further information on the film, please visit the FB page: