Past Present and Future of Nocturnal Vegas

Have you seen the Disco Bat flying around town shouting ‘Nocturnal Vegas’? What is this ‘Nocturnal Vegas’.  While it is a great name for Vegas Nightlife, few know the story of the owner and the reason why he created Nocturnal Vegas, LLC.

By Troy Waggoner

FIRST OFF: Need to explain the logo.  One of my ex’s favorite songs was Shiny Disco Balls by Sneakerpimps and of course a bat is Nocturnal.  In 2010, we put the 2 together and came up with this.

Thank You for checking out this article about Nocturnal Vegas, LLC.  A question that we get asked almost daily is “What is ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ & What do you do”.  I believe that there has always been a ‘Nocturnal Vegas’, many decades before the name existed.  To provide the best answer to this question we must go back to the 1960s when my family’s history in Las Vegas began.  For some of you reading this, I know that your family history in Las Vegas goes back even further but for the purposes of this we will began in the 1960s.  My father started work at The Sahara Hotel & Casino November 24, 1963.  He was a bus boy at first, then bartender, and eventually moved up to being in management.  On nights off, his friends and him would either go to The Thunderbird Lounge, Pussy Cat A Go Go or simply go ‘cruisin’ down Fremont Street which is now covered and is named the Fremont Street Experience.  My mom moved here with her mother, who helped open Sunrise Hospital and worked as a nurse for 10+ years. A story about mom’s work experience is that she once helped Elvis Presley at the bank she worked at and she even still has a photo copy of his signature. My father met mom at a bonfire at Nevada Southern University which would later be called University of Nevada Las Vegas. My brother and sister were born in Las Vegas in the early 1970s and then they all moved to Dallas, TX where I was born in 1980.

Growing up I would hear stories about the nights that my father, mother and their friends would go out in Las Vegas.  Also, about how he met several famous people such as Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, etc.  My interest in Las Vegas grew and grew throughout my adolescent years. We would come visit Las Vegas every summer on vacation and of course watch the UNLV Rebels play basketball every spring.  I would also sometimes take solo trips out to Las Vegas to visit my brother and sister.  Then one year in high school, I remember we had a school project where we had to come up with what we would like to be doing in the future.  I don’t remember too much of the details but I know I wrote that I was a VIP Host / Concierge in Las Vegas picking up people at the McCarran Airport and taking them to their hotel.  After High School, I did stay in Texas where I received my Associate of Arts from Lon Morris College in 2001 and my Bachelor of Arts from University of North Texas in 2006.  Las Vegas was still on my mind, I even remember that I would listen to 98.5 KLUC on AOL Radio in the computer lab.  Within these same years my brother and sister were still living in Las Vegas, living part of their life in the hours we now call ‘Nocturnal Vegas’.  My sister working late night shifts at The Stardust Sportsbook and my brother going out to such places as The Drink, The Beach, and Utopia.  My sister moved away from Vegas after meeting her husband at UNLV, the same university where my parents had met 30 years prior! While I was in college, my parents decided to retire and move back to Nevada to Laughlin, which is about two hours south of Las Vegas.  It is along the Colorado River and while too quiet for my liking, many find it to be a nice getaway from all the craziness of Las Vegas.

During my college years, my love for electronic music and nightclubs was also growing.  I remember that some of the first DJs I listened to were The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Paul Oakenfold, etc.  My last semester in college, I remember watching ‘The Club’ filmed at Ice Nightclub in Las Vegas.  In my senior colloquium class, we had an assignment to make a presentation on what we hope to do after college.  I made a PowerPoint presentation for a nightclub design I had once hoped to open in Las Vegas.  The venue, designed after City Streets in Ft. Worth, TX, would have different rooms each with a different type of music.  One with EDM music, one Latin, one Hip Hop, one with 80s Music, and one with Pool Tables and Karaoke.

After graduating college in December of 2006, I finally had my opportunity to move to Nevada.  At first, I moved to Laughlin while I sought employment in Las Vegas. In June of 2006, I couldn’t resist the urge to move to Las Vegas.  I found some roommates on and took whatever job I could find.  If I would have stayed 2 more months with the company I had been working with in Laughlin, Edgewater, I could have transferred to one of the MGM properties. I very much regret moving this early and taking the job I did, which was being a server at Tony Roma’s on Sahara.  I only worked there for 2 weeks before getting a job as a promoter at Ice Nightclub, the one that was featured in the show ‘The Club’.  Working at Ice Nightclub, even though the pay was not great, gave me a lot of industry knowledge and a ton of contacts which I still know today: Arial Xaubet, Bo Karlen, and DJ P Nut (Bryan Davis) just to name a few.  I would say this is when Las Vegas Nightlife was at it’s peak. Everyone would start off at Ice Nightclub, then go onto Empire Ballroom Afterhours, then onto Seamless, and some would even make it to Rehab: Party at The Hard Rock (some of you may have seen the reality show).  After working at Ice Nightclub, I went on to be a promoter at Empire Ballroom Afterhours, ran by Adam Gould & Gino Lopinto.  Adam & Gino now run Club Eleven in Miami.  Another contact that I made back at Empire was Jeff Ermilio, who ran Next Events and is currently in charge of promotions at Sophia’s Gentlemen’s Club and has some big things in store for the future.  Jeff oversaw one of the best nights at Empire, Local Love Thursdays.  After Empire, I went onto promote at Jet Nightclub inside Mirage, which is now 1OAK Nightclub. Here I worked with Michael Gallagher, Johnny Postel (JJ Sin City), Lonzo Crosby, Andrew Sinatra and others.  Michael & Lonzo both moved to Texas but Johnny is still in Las Vegas and works as a host over at Hyde inside Bellagio.  The biggest problem with all these jobs was that, as a promoter, we were never able to keep an accurate count of which people on our guestlist were counted or were not counted.  Finally, fed up with getting paid less than supposed to which caused several financial hardships, in August 2010 I started to build the website to be an independent host.  I had no idea whatsoever on how to even start building a website or a following or any formal business knowledge.  This is one reason I am very proud that most of my business comes from word of mouth.  I still remember the very first time I did an online booking and hosted the group perfectly which they left a testimonial about.  At that time, I knew this is what I wanted to do and become successful at.

In 2016, I switched the domain to which GoDaddy agreed would most likely be better since it is shorter.  Also, by dropping the VIP on the end, I feel that the website will be able to be used for more than the Nightclubs and Strip clubs.   There are way more ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ activities than the clubs.  One of the biggest reasons that I really, really started thinking about more than just the clubs was the terrible tragedy on October 1, 2017.  ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ is definitely #VegasStrong and hopes to help out the community more in the future.

So, what is ‘Nocturnal Vegas’? Maybe it is one man’s dream of creating The Perfect Nightlife Hub for Las Vegas where everyone’s nightlife plans start.  This dream that he will not let go of, no matter what.  But what if it is more than that? What if it is what half of this town lives every single night.  ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ is a lifestyle. This includes everyone from the homeless to the Metro Officers protecting our streets at night.  To the Hispanic card flippers and casino porters to the rich and famous at their $20k VIP Tables.  From the Uber / Lyft drivers to the Chauffeurs driving the VIPs around town.  I believe we can each have our own view of what ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ really is.

I am not quite sure of what the future holds for ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ but some goals that I have in mind are:

  • Branded Merchandise including portable charges, clothing etc.
  • Nocturnal Vegas Blog, Podcast, and Reality Show spotlighting different Nightlife personalities Podcast, Book, Reality Show (similar to Rehab: Party at The Hard Rock)
  • Nightlife Entertainment Complex, etc.
  • Work with Insomniac to have Nocturnal Wonderland be another Vegas Music Festival, just how in 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival moved from L.A. to Las Vegas.
  • The possibilities are endless!


The 2020s in Vegas will be like the roaring 20s.  If you are interested in helping this dream grow into a reality you may contact me at any time. Or just drop a line letting me know what your ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ is and how you would like to help out? Text or e-mail is always best!! Thank you and see you on one of these ‘Nocturnal Vegas’ nights. I have included my picture from Uber since I also provide Free Vegas Transportation to Dispensaries, Strip Clubs, Gun Ranges, and More.

Troy Waggoner, Owner and Official Party Curator

Nocturnal Vegas, LLC

Call / Text: 702.981.1739



P.S. Live your Life according to:

  1. P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect)
  2. Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)

I am a Creative Warrior in Las Vegas who is helping to protect the West Coast from Adultitis! Adultitis is a plague which often leads to feelings of Loneliness, Failure, etc. Just like myself, these feelings can then lead to worse. I believe that to overcome this plague, we must go back to basics and find joy in which we used to. Many people use to refer to Vegas as Disney for Adults but lately it feels as though we may be moving away from this. I say that it is Time to Relax, Have Fun, and Feel Young Again! Ask About My Nocturnal Vegas Game Plan, especially Vegas Themed Fantasy Parties and Transportation! My sister said it best when she told me how much she disliked Vegas when she lived here in the 90s. She told me, 'Vegas was boring with nothing much to do besides gamble or nightclubs. It is an entirely different place these days' Message Me to Find Out for Yourself! - Troy - 702.981.1739