Troy Waggoner Interview

Welcome to Wednesday!!! Yes, it is hump day once again.  Unfortunately, we do not have a guest to do a Spotlight on. This did cause me to ponder on why this is.  Could it be that this is not a priority to those that I have asked OR could it be that I have not answered these questions yet myself?  I mean how can I ask others to do what I have not done myself? To lead, one MUST first do what they ask of others to do.
I would like to say thank you to the 3 people which have responded. You are able to click on their names to read their article.
  1. Jerry Waggoner, my father and prior employee of Sahara Hotel and Casino
  2. Justin Swinney, Owner of Nokturnal Lifestyle Concierge
  3. Anthony Lale, Party Bus Driver & Transportation Guru
Here are my Answers:
– The Nightclub scene is huge in Las Vegas. Which Nightclub is your favorite of ALL TIME & why?
     My Favorite Nightclub is a tie between 2 venues which are, unfortunately, now closed. Those would be Ice Nightclub, which was located at the corner of Harmon & Koval, and Empire Ballroom Afterhours, which was located inside the Tommy Wind Theater.
     Ice Nightclub is a big part of the reason why I moved here to Las Vegas.  There was a reality tv show on either Spike TV or Tru TV which was about Ice Nightclub.  My senior year in in college I watched this tv show and gave me the desire to move to Las Vegas and promote at Ice Nightclub, which is what I did.  I loved going here every night.  It was kind of like the ‘Cheers’ of Las Vegas, where everybody knows your name.  It was fun, relaxed, & not all uppity like the ultra clubs of today.
Empire Ballroom is where I promoted next.  It was very similar to Ice Nightclub in that it felt like home, where everybody knew each other.  The amount of money you had did not cause your night to be bad / good, everyone was friendly and happy to see you, and just like Ice, definitely had the PLUR Vibe (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect).
– What brought you to Las Vegas & how do you like life in Las Vegas?
        Please read about this in my first article, Past Present and Future of Nocturnal Vegas
– We know Vegas has some crazy, crazy nights. What was one of your craziest nights (that you remember)?
        Of course all of the nights that we all started off at Ice Nightclub, followed by Empire Ballroom Afterhours, and then Seamless After-Afterhours.   Some people even made it to Rehab: Party at The Hard Rock!! Or was it the Night that Robert Kelly and I went to Jet Nightclub and then drove to Newport Beach, California on the same exact night. Don’t know how we made it there but we did.
– What is your best success & do you have any failures which come to mind?
        II have 2 Great Successes that come to mind.
        – Graduating from College with Bachelor of Arts from University of North Texas
        – Surviving 6 months of jail & another 6 months of House Arrest awaiting sentencing.  Finally completing a 5 years fixed term of probation within 3 years and receiving an honorable discharge.
– How do you feel about Marijuana being legal in Nevada?
         This is very personal to me.  I will just say that if had always been legal A LOT of crime would have never been committed, people would be free, families would not have been broken up, people would still be alive, etc.  So, HELL YES, I LOVE THAT IT IS LEGAL!!!!!!!
– With sports becoming so prominent in Las Vegas (Rebels, 51s, Golden Knights, Raiders, Lights, etc.), What is your favorite Vegas Sports Team and why?
       I absolutely love the Golden Knights!!! Was only able to go to one game this season, which they unfortunately lost but the rest of their season was amazing!!! Going for The Stanley Cup baby!!!
– What else is included in your daily routine?
       I have been driving a lot of Uber lately, Trying to knock off items on my Goal list, Listening to the ‘We Are Motivated’ playlist on Spotify, and promoting at night. Very Busy.
– Who is the most famous person you have met and how was your experience with them?
       It was quick but Robin Williams.  My ex and I were playing the Horse Races machine at the MGM Grand at the same time that Robin Williams was. As he was walking away, my ex said that she wanted to at least shake his hand.  So, I walked up to one of his security guys & asked him if she could.  He said yes.  God Rest his soul!!
– What are some of your goals & the obstacles you are currently facing to reach those goals?
       Please read about this in my first article, Past Present and Future of Nocturnal Vegas
– Who is your favorite DJ & why?
        I would have to say that it is actually a DJ trio, The Swedish House Mafia, made up of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso.  I had the opportunity to see them at Electric Daisy Carnival back in 2011 (might have the year wrong?).
– What does ‘Vegas Strong’ mean to you?
        ‘Vegas Strong’ means pausing and remembering that we live in Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of The World.  The place where Elvis performed, The place where Tupac Shakur lost his life, the place where movies like Ocean’s 11, The Hangover, and Swingers were all filmed.  THIS IS VEGAS EVERYONE!!!! I love this city and everything that has to do with it.  Yes, we may fall down but we will not be kept down.  The Golden Knights season was the best thing that could have happened to us.  Also, someone recently asked me if I was going to be a Raiders fan once they move to Las Vegas.  Of course I will be!!! They will be Vegas Raiders, right?
– Who is your idol and who else would you like to meet?
       My biggest idol would have to be Pasquale Rotella, owner of Insomniac.  Insomniac is the company that produces Electric Daisy Carnival.  He started his company in 1993 and EDC in 1997. I heard that EDC was started in a parking lot. Today, over 300,000 attendees will be there next month!!! I plan to one day meet him and pitch my idea of The Nocturnal Vegas Festival, an ALL VEGAS THEMED FESTIVAL.
       Others that I would love to meet are Richard Branson, DJ Tiesto, and inspirational personalities such as ET (Eric Thomas), Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar.  After All, I am a Dreamer!!!!

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