This is the event last year where we all met him. Gives me the creeps!

Porn legend Ron Jeremy has just been labeled persona non grata at the biggest adult entertainment event of the year after violating the award show’s code of conduct.

A rep for AVN tells The Blast Jeremy is banned from not only this weekend’s infamous Las Vegas award show, but also the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo convention.

We’re told the banning is due to a violation of the AVN’s code of conduct, and specifically for his alleged admittance to sexual misconduct in an interview with Rolling Stone.

In November of last year, Rolling Stone published an article detailing allegations of years of sexual misconduct from the famous pornstar that were made by multiple women.

Ron Jeremy tells The Blast he believes the banning is unfair. He admits to groping women over the years, but says “people grope me all the time, too.” He claims that at adult entertainment events, groping is expected by the fans and promoters. He also says many of the more serious allegations against him “are lies.”

AVN has announced a “Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy” at the 2018 event, and made it clear they would ban anyone they feel violated the policy or made the event uncomfortable for others.Image result for ron jeremy looking puzzled

Jeremy says this is the first time in 38 years he has not attended the AVN’s, and hopes “to be invited next year.”

IN MY OPINION if you are a male or a female attending any of the AVN events you should be expecting to be groped. I mean that is there entire business, right?


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