Party Bus Driver Anthony Lale

It is Wednesday again which means it is time to do a Spotlight on someone that is in our Nocturnal Vegas Nightlife Network.  Today, we chose Anthony Lale. Anthony is a Party Bus Driver here in Las Vegas and a great friend as well.  Enjoy working with you bro!!

– Troy

#1  – The Transportation Industry is huge in Las Vegas. Which vehicle is your favorite of ALL TIME & why?

My favorite vehicle is what I am currently driving.  It’s a 26 passenger Party Bus that looks and drives great. People love the light show, the stripper pole (sometimes I’ll have 2 stripper poles on the bus) and the Ipad with Bluetooth and Spotify where customers can play whatever music they want.   I have a lot of fun with the groups that I drive around, and because of it’s size, it attracts a lot of onlookers which helps me to get even more rides.  Also, compared to driving a limousine, it’s much easier to clean up than having to bend down inside the limousine every time it has to be cleaned.


#2 How long have you been a Party Bus driver & what prompted you to get into the Transportation business?

I have been in the Party Bus business going on almost four years and I have been in the transportation business for 10 years now.  I sold cars for many years and then my father got sick back in Illinois so I went out to help him, but eventually he passed away.  I decided to leave Illinois and come back to Las Vegas and there was an opening driving a Sedan on day shift with CLS and I was told I can make a lot of money in the limousine business.  So I took a shot and I grew in love with the business and I’m still doing it today.


#3 – What is your best success & do you have any failures which come to mind?

Ha. My best success, or maybe I should call it luck, was when 18 guys needed a ride and wanted to go to a strip club.  I was like sure, I’ll take you!  Also, getting my Commerical Drivers License was a big accomplishment that allows me to basically drive anything except a semi.  You know how that works out lol. I try to look at failures as learning experiences, but one time I missed a ride because I got confused with Military Time and I was late.  I haven’t made that mistake again tho.


#4 – Besides being a Driver, what else is included in your daily routine?

Walking my dogs!  I have three Shih-Tzus that are all related.



#5 – What is your favorite thing to do on your nights off & why?

Believe it or not, on my days off I like to chill at home, have some beers, BBQ, and do stuff around the house.  I do like to go fishing sometimes too.  I get so much action working the strip and being in the middle of the Entertainment Capital of the World 50-60 hours a week, it’s nice to get away from it all when I’m off.


#6 – How do you know Troy Waggoner & how long have you known him? If so, in which ways would you like to grow with him?

I have know Troy Waggoner going on about three years.  We started being friends on Facebook and I noticed his involvement with the Las Vegas Nightlife Scene.  Troy has used me to accommodate some of his groups that needed transportation in town.  We have been growing in a business relationship where we try and send each other clients to help each other.  When someone needs a go to man in the Nightlife Las Vegas Business, that man is Troy Waggoner.


#7- What does ‘Vegas Strong’ mean to you?

It means that us as a city takes care of our own people.  People have this misconception that Las Vegas is a fly by night town and there are no real personal relationships.  However, we are the complete opposite.  When something bad happens, we as a city come together and take care of business.


#8 -Who is the most famous person you have met and how was your experience with them?

Well I have to tell you this story.  This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago, during the Grammys I believe, and it was at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  I was driving a 7 passenger Cadillac Escalade and got a call from the office and they told me of this hidden entrance into MGM.  They didn’t know exactly what I was suppose to do, but they said just go over there and see what they want.  I pull up to the hidden entrance which looks like a spot that you wouldn’t be picking people up from.  Then this guy comes running up to me and says “I’m so glad your here, I have a few groups I need you to take over to the Red Carpet and then come back.”  I’m like ok!  I can not remember the exact order but I drove Nicki Minaj,, Rascal Flatts crew, Neo, and Rhianna.  All four of those famous people plus their crew I drove about 1/8 of a mile to the Red Carpet at the MGM.  I couldn’t believe it, back to back, to back to back famous people. 


Thank you Brother Troy and I look forward to seeing you and the article.  Thanks again.


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