Get Freaky at Circus Circus

I recently watched a 60 Minute Documentary on YouTube about Robin Williams. They mentioned that the childhood Robin Williams may have used his comedy in order to gain friends and get people to give him attention. Thus, a Class Clown! Was his true purpose not to pave the way for those of us who at one time have felt like an outcast or a ‘Freak’? It is this personality trait of being differently unique in our own individual way which leads the power of creativity. Growing up, I tried to fit in but always found myself making friends with only a select few other class clowns. As I am write this, I am remembering my best childhood friend and someone whom I have stayed in contact with since we were in strollers, Josh Smith. For having such an ordinary name, he was one of the most unique individuals in our town.  For prom he went as Phantom of The Opera, Mask and All! I hate saying this but it is important that I admit that in High School I let our friendship dissipate because of the fact that I wished to be part of the crowd more than anything. Maybe if I had embraced my creativity more I would be more successful today. But then again, what does success mean? Even though I definitely am not financially successful, I am successful as far as happiness and become more and more successful every single day.

Today, I have a favor to ask from each of you. Take some time to think of 2 people whom you may have stopped speaking to because you feel that it may hurt your ‘popularity score’.  Then reach out to them to tell them Thank You for leading the way for creative innovation. Reminds me of when Adam Sandler did this in the movie, Billy Madison.  He calls a guy from his childhood who we was rude to and who is now (in the movie) a pro-wrestler. Billy Madison apologizes to him which ultimately allowed this guy to save Billy’s life at the end of the movie. In saying this, the ones which we should be truly afraid of are the ones which follow being verage; The average man, the average woman. Beware of them because their love is only average. They are afraid of anything which is different from their own and down the road this feeling of being afraid then leads to hate. Not being able to create art, they will not be able to understand art. Not being able to understand love, they will not be able to truly love. Even worse, they may even make us ‘freaks’ feel as though we are doing something wrong by being true to ourselves.

Next time you are on the Vegas strip stop by the home of the freaks,Circus Circus! The Circus is the place where elephants fly, humans get shot out of cannons, and magicians do their best work! I have even given you some songs to get motivated to bring out the freak in you!


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