DJ Chango comes to Commonwealth on Fremont

DJ Chango

Commonwealth on Fremont

June 20th, 2018, 10pm

A part of Las Vegas that some of us often forget is Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV). Looking forward to checking out Commonwealth!! Will have some good friends in town, including DJ Chango , Gabriel Sosa, out of Cali.  I was able to catch up with him to get some insight into his world.  See you all soon!!!  –


Congrats on your upcoming show at Commonwealth!! Which date is it, cost?, What style music do you spin, what more can you tell us about how it is going to be?
Thank you very much! I’ll be playing an hour set on June 20th at 10PM! I plan on playing various styles of house music. Some of my own edits, remixes, and mashups to keep things interesting for the crowd!
Where else have you been a DJ?
I began DJing in Sacramento, California roughly 11 years ago. After leaving the corporate/private DJ scene, I jumped into the DJ circuit publicly and began playing events all over the downtown area. Fast forward to EDC Week 2018 I took a small gig in Las Vegas. It gave me great exposure and I was able to meet and network with folks, specifically a DJ who goes by Tofu that had already been a part of the industry for a long time. Thankfully it landed me the gig opportunity at Commonwealth! 
What brought you to Las Vegas?
An awesome group known as Lace & Bass invited me to an unofficial meet up with friends and DJs. I was asked to play a set, and therefore I did! Aside from that, I had every intent on spending time at EDC!
What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from the support I have behind me. It continues to grow, and it allows me to keep producing music and pushing myself creatively. Friends, Family, even those who doubt me will also be a reminder that I can make something happen for myself. On the other hand, music itself is a massive inspiration. It has meaning, emotion, and can take you on a journey. I’d like to think I will master that ability with my music in the future.  
We know Vegas has some crazy, crazy nights. What was one of your craziest nights (that you remember)?
One of my craziest nights in Vegas would have to be checking out one of my favorite producers, Porter Robinson at Omnia. While there are some blank spots of the evening, the majority of it was perfection. Good company, good music, good vibes. 
What is your best success & do you have any failures which come to mind?
My greatest success would have to be letting go of fear in terms of my music. I’ve quickly learned that not everyone will like what you create, or what you do, but it does not mean I need to stop pursuing what I believe in. Along the way I’ve had plenty of failures. One specifically was releasing one of my first records and immediately getting negative feedback. I was unable to turn that into constructive criticism and I let it stop me from creating. However, that has since changed.  
With sports becoming so prominent in Las Vegas (Rebels, 51s, Golden Knights, Raiders, Lights, etc.), What is your favorite Vegas Sports Team and why?
I’m not huge into sports; however, I continually hear about the Golden Knights. Hockey isn’t my thing either, but hearing fans roar, rant and rave about the team is exciting!
Who is the most famous person you have met and how was your experience with them?
In the electronic music world, I was honored to meet Kaskade. While we didn’t get to have a full conversation, I could easily see his love for music and for what he does with his music. It gave me an extra boost and made me realize that I could get to the same place if I gave it my all. As of now, I’ve been able to produce an EP, and currently working on my second. I have big plans this year. I will see it through.
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