Asking for Help from Las Vegas

Just like many of you who are reading this, Vegas has and will always be very special to me. The main reason that I love to call Las Vegas home is because there is no other place like it in the world. Well, maybe Disney?  I believe that A LOT of the industry forget that Vegas was built on having different themed resorts such as Flamingo, Caesars Palace, & Sahara! Themes are starting to disappear with the introduction of new resorts such as Cosmopolitan, Aria, Park MGM, Wynn, and SLS (Should have been Left Sahara!).
So, I am sure you are wondering who I am.  To give you a brief history…. My parents met here in Las Vegas in the 1960s before UNLV was UNLV (I believe the name of the school back then was University of Southern Nevada). My Dad worked at Area 51 & also at the Sahara for about 15 years. One of my parents’ favorite social activities back then was to go cruisin’ (driving down Fremont Street). My brother & sister were born in the 70s here in Las Vegas, then the family moved to Dallas, TX where I was born. In the 90s, my brother & sister moved back here to Vegas and worked at resorts (Treasure Island, Stardust) and both graduated from UNLV. My parents also moved back out West & live in Laughlin, NV. I moved to NV after graduating from University of North Texas in Denton, TX with Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Technical Theater.
I have had various employment here in Las Vegas: Phantom Boutique store at Venetian when Phantom Spectacular was showing there, Tao Beach opening season, Dos Caminos, Planet Hollywood at Forum Shops, etc. in 2010, I created my own website,,  which has been used solely for promoting Nightclubs / Strip Clubs, something that I am looking to get out of (at least as primary job). For the last year, I have also been driving Uber and regularly do different themes for my car.  Doing this has opened my eyes to many new possibilities for Transportation. Designing themes for Uber / Lyft, Limos, Buses, and Party Buses lets me use my creativity & Theater background and helps me feel alive!! Much better than standing on the strip EVERY SINGLE NIGHT asking guys to go to a Strip Club. Also, tourists have absolutely loved the themes!!
The reason that I am asking for help is because transitioning into doing these themes has taken me away from promoting which will hopefully be a good thing in the long run but which also means that I have unfortunately been struggling financially (Time vs. Money). It also costs money for the Lighting & Props that I plan to use for the various themes. Costs time to set up the designs, take pictures of them, & put onto website. That is why I do not have many examples to show you (Below, you are able to see a few of the examples which I do have.). I am asking if you could find it in your heart to assist me with following my dreams and using my creativity, love for Vegas, & uniqueness for something that will change Vegas Transportation for the better and will enable me to better myself by becoming more professional.
If you find it in your heart to assist either financially,or with supplies / props / lighting, you will receive Free 30 Minute Ride in Theme which you choose.
TEXT / CALL 702.981.1739
Thank You for your time and consideration!
– Troy

I am a Creative Warrior in Las Vegas who is helping to protect the West Coast from Adultitis! Adultitis is a plague which often leads to feelings of Loneliness, Failure, etc. Just like myself, these feelings can then lead to worse. I believe that to overcome this plague, we must go back to basics and find joy in which we used to. Many people use to refer to Vegas as Disney for Adults but lately it feels as though we may be moving away from this. I say that it is Time to Relax, Have Fun, and Feel Young Again! Ask About My Nocturnal Vegas Game Plan, especially Vegas Themed Fantasy Parties and Transportation! My sister said it best when she told me how much she disliked Vegas when she lived here in the 90s. She told me, 'Vegas was boring with nothing much to do besides gamble or nightclubs. It is an entirely different place these days' Message Me to Find Out for Yourself! - Troy - 702.981.1739