NBC Network Gives A Gift to Gals Across the Nation In “Good Girls” 

I have been putting pen to paper for twenty plus years as an author. I rarely am required to write television reviews, as my focus is more on film these days. However, when a worthy product pops up, it warrants me taking time to publish my thoughts.

The network automatically gained two plus points from me for casting Christina Hendricks and creating clever and catchy promos. I always admired the sass and spunk that Hendricks put into her portrayal of Joan on Mad Men, and perhaps that may be part of her real-life persona. Hence, it is likely that her role on this recurring series would parallel this personality type. As to the TV teasers, they set the stage for audiences to see a humorous, yet hugely relatable, storyline.  Hence, I created a non-verbal commitment to tune in for the first two episodes. As of April 30th, I will have seen every show, so something caused a switch from my casual to continuous viewing.  Here are what I call my “fabulous five” of this ten-week series.

First off, other females are fine with slow and steady story development, but not this lady. I need a show to absorb my attention, and Good Girls gained it within the first thirty minutes of the pilot. The backstories were believable and bold, and the leads are largely likable. The ability to amaze and appeal to audiences continues each week within each word spoken on screen. Clearly, writer Jenna Bans is strongly in tune with her desired demographic.

Secondly and sad to say, our current culture seems inundated with constant claims of inappropriate innuendos in the workplace. Although this behavior befalls upon both sexes, the shame stories seem focused on males forcing themselves on females. Thus, girls today are in need of new reminders that gentlemen are still alive, and that women are still strong and sound solo. They need to believe that goodwill and great intentions exist; that bad guys can be beat or maybe even humanized. Good Girls had one scenario centering around non-consensual intimacy, however, the entire series showers women with empowerment scenarios. It makes ladies believe that they can make the impossible a possibility. These females, when bonding within their own brilliance, can conquer anything and come out being wiser. Finally, each can fight their fears and stand up to any enemy and maintain their dignity and not feel disgraced. All strength by these show heads.

Third of all, it is really refreshing to see a cast that holds no boundaries relative to genetics or gender identity. Diversity is not limited to the leads, as both the child and adult actors are richly abundant in ranges of race. Now if only the real world would recognize and realize we are all equal in worth and warrant respect.

Fourth is my assessment of the acting in Good Girls. Collectively as a cast, every single member lends a “likeability” factor to their role. The viewer will appreciate the ability to admire them as they are, whether fabulous or flawed. Each actor affords us a smile, smirk, or sense of shock at some point in the story. A performer’s ability to make audiences feel emotion is a sign of excellence. For me, I always connect with certain characters, as they seem to subconsciously stand out. These are Rio, played by Manny Montana, and Ruby, portrayed by Retta. Montana offers us two sides of a criminal’s coin. One is a straight shooting, stone faced and greedy gangster. The second is a man who uses satire, sarcasm and tough talk to hide his own insecurities and inherent loneliness. Duality of oneself is common for many in the world, including myself. Retta perfectly portrays the role of a petrified, yet punchy, mother. She works hard to convince us she can break the law while maintaining a moral conscience. Her role as the voice of reason against her cohort’s lack of rational thoughts is spot on successful. Also, she is cleverly convincing as a mother who must be her daughter’s hope and safe haven while derailing her from possible death. Again, many a mother can relate to feeling hopeless to find a cure for a sick child, including this mom whose child suffered from seizures. A plus on all casting choices.

Fifth and finally, the premise of Good Girls is said to be centered around three females who commit lower level crimes to help them solve high priority problems. However, I believe it really circulates around one strong sentiment – LOVE. Their choices, positive or purely negative, are mainly motivated by love. Weaved within the show, there Is love of spouse and siblings, friends and family, and a major love of money. There is also loves lost, and a general longing for love.  Just my two second take on the main theme.

If none of the above convinces you to tune in on Monday, I shall do a short and sweet summary. Good Girls is a cornucopia of fun and finger biting moments, as well as silly and splendid emotional storylines. It is guaranteed to give you a great escape from general real-life drama. So worth watching!

As of this writing, there is no word on whether Good Girls will be renewed by NBC. However, if the series is stopped, I would personally pick it up in a second and show it on my independent TV/film channel. Good television programming should be treasured, so I hope Good Girls stays on screen for Season 2.

The season finale airs at 9:00 pm central time on April 30th.  For further details and to watch past episodes, visit their website: www.nbc.com/good-girls